History and present

Tecsidel was founded in 1979 with the aim of supplying IT services to Spanish companies and with an international vocation. It was a company focused on the development of tailored systems oriented to industrial and telecommunications systems, and focused on the development of software for embedded systems.

One of the initial industrial areas were Toll Applications Systems and ITS basically focused on the lane software, specializing in vehicles automatic classification and the use of all means of payment at the time. The other was the collaboration on the development of ALCATEL telephone switching systems.

Following the process of diversification and specialization, already in the second half of the 90s, new lines of business were created: IT Systems and Logistics Systems.

Therefore a corporate structure which grew quickly was consolidated, giving service to an important group of customers: telephone operators (Telefónica, Vodafone, etc.); different public administrations, both national (Spanish Government) and local (regional Governments and town councils), and the first food companies: Coca-Cola, Damm Beer and several supermarket chains.

The Tecsidel's International vocation comes from its inception, but it greater significance with the creation of the subsidiary Tecsidel do Brazil. Since then, Tecsidel definitely opted for internationalization with the creation of new subsidiaries in Chile (Santiago) and Argentina (Córdoba), which followed new offices in Mexico (Mexico DF), Norway (Oslo) and India (New Delhi).


The background of Tecsidel S.A, is a group of professionals linked to a French company Tecsi Software S.A. which some Spanish workers were shareholders from; and a small Spanish company specialized in the development of microprocessors systems.
Foundation year of Tecsidel S.A., as a subsidiary of Tecsi Software S.A., a French software house. Tecsidel is focused on the development of switching telephone systems for Alcatel in France and USA and in software development for industrial systems.
Creation of the GSI group, as a split of activities of Alcatel. Tecsi Software and Tecsidel are part of that French multinational group. Tecsidel starts its specialization in developing new systems for toll control for Acesa in Spain.
The international experience gained working for Alcatel allows Tecsidel to start working with the R&D Department of Telefónica, becoming one of the leading suppliers of the company.
GSI, is integrated into the American company ADP ("Advanced data processing").
Tecsidel is bought to ADP by their directors and employees, since 1996 this is the shareholder’s model of Tecsidel.
Although it was operating in Brazil since 1999, at the end of 2001, Tecsidel created the Tecsidel do Brazil Company headquartered in São Paulo. The main goal was to reproduce the model of applied model of business in Spain. Our goal was to become suppliers of the subsidiary of Telefónica R&D in Brazil, as well as to increase the turnover of tolls that Ecovias had as first reference since 1999.
It is started a plan of international expansion, with a presence in Chile and Argentina in Logistics Systems.
Great expansion of the subsidiary of Brazil driven by tolling and ITS projects. The Group exports reach 54% of turnover.
Creation of subsidiaries in Mexico and Norway to meet tolling and ITS projects and strengthen business in other areas. Expansion of the Logistics Systems business in Brazil. It start the process for a constitution of a subsidiary in India.
Establishment of subsidiary in India.