How we think

Our main asset is the specialized technological and functional know-how. The integration of off-the-shelf products with their own products guarantees to our customers that solution can scale, with low costs and at the same time to the evolutions of the market.

We offerspecific solutions based on the needs of real customers and completely aimed to results.

Hear you can take a look on what some of our experts think reading their articles.

SEGA PTV, the voice system that makes the orders preparation more powerful

SEGA PTV (Voice Picking) is Tecsidel solution for the execution of material moving operations that uses voice communication with the(...)

Logistics systems

MEP, the future of Electronic Toll Collection

The requirements of the collection systems in the tolling industry continue to evolve. While concessionaires demand transaction effectiveness, users look(...)

Toll & ITS systems

SEGA PTL, the most effective system for orders preparation

The productivity and the accuracy at orders preparation are, without doubts, the main aspects that a Logistics Manager concerns about.(...)

Logistics systems

The ultimate AVC evolution

Demand for detection and automatic vehicle classification on toll lanes has always had a positive growth, which has required an(...)

Toll & ITS systems