Who we are

Values: management quality and realization of the product and the service

Our philosophy is to be guided by efficiency and commitment values reached in all the sectors of the company:

  • Orientation to results

The organization is geared towards the achievement of goals and their sustainability. The establishment of goals ranks personal efforts with the interests of the organization. Shared objectives between the Organization and people and its enforcement are the way that we use to achieve our mission.

  • Sense of belonging

The knowledge and intellectual capacities of people serving of the objectives of the company contribute to the added value of our Organization. For that, we create an environment that allows each person to develop their skills, their creativity and their motivation for the benefit of our customers and our company.

With this goal, we get people who bring the best for a common goal: the growth of our company, generating a collective challenge. Our strategy is based on the cooperation to achieve a common goal and act as our business values. To defend and speak well about our company, about our partners, and especially about our customers, it is rather a result.

  • Commitment to the client

We are committed to meet the expectations and needs of the customer getting a sustainable profitability for our company. We are aware that to get an excellent service for our customers, it is necessary that this quality spirit, applied to services, applies also in internal units providing services to the operational units.

  • Initiative

The entrepreneurial spirit is always looking for innovation and continuous improvement. This spirit, it is maintained in each one of us with respect to our tasks. We are a proactive team and we strive to propose and develop ideas for promoting competition and the future of the company.

We promote a watchful and proactive attitude towards the opportunities arising from the activities of our company, our customers and our industry, as well as the personal interest of self-training and improvement of our personal capabilities.

Ethics code

Tecsidel has developed an ethic code that prevails on the relationship with our customers, partners and the society and the environment in general. This code includes strict environmental standards of civility, professionalism and relationship.

Beyond this, our team is also selected by the critical spirit and the capacity of reaction to complex situations while maintaining the reaction capacity.