SEGA WCS by Tecsidel in a project of Dematic

Responding to the request of Dematic Logistic Systems, S.A, Tecsidel is in charge of the SEGA WCS implementation project for the new Distribution Centre that the company Sprinter will launch in Las Atalayas, Alicante.

SEGA WCS (Warehouse Control System) allows coordinating the subsystems, which build an automatic installation by using its own native protocols: miniloads, automatic pallet warehouses, carousels, sorters, transport systems, loading or unloading, etc. This solution manages the sequence of movements and takes care of the optimizations, avoiding the need to conduct complex modifications in the ERP / WMS. It also provides design flexibility as the customer can build a solution by freely choosing the best elements of each supplier, thus allowing the optimization of costs and productivity.

In this case, SEGA WCS will control an automatic installation that consists of a miniload system of 9 corridors and an intelligent transport system for boxes, both made by Dematic. At the same time, its mission is to interface with a sorter. All this, achieving a complete integration with the client's WMS.

Tecsidel plans to complete the implementation in the first quarter of 2018, and a second phase includes the possibility of installing a multi-shuttle.

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