MEP, the future of Electronic Toll Collection

The requirements of the collection systems in the tolling industry continue to evolve. While concessionaires demand transaction effectiveness, users look for commodity. Nevertheless, they have two goals in common: to avoid queues at toll stations and manage electronic payments. Tecsidel found the most complete solution for both sides, MEP. This distinctive system allows management of all electronic payment devices, associated to users’ accounts.

MEP is a BackOffice solution, 100% WEB platform, which becomes an intermediary between final customers (individuals or companies) and vehicular infrastructure operators such as highways, car parks, gas stations, municipalities for access control... The payment is electronic, made by TAGs or other electronic standard payment means, which allows time to be saved during the journey as well as a comfortable and secure transaction, due to the user not needing to bring cash.

The process has three simple steps:

1.- The OPERATOR creates an account in the Data Base registering the users’ data. Through this operation, the system links the customer data to the vehicle and the TAG or other electronic device that will be used during the journeys.

2.- The OPERATOR registers transactions, updates balances and generates all passages invoicing.

3.- The USER recharges the balance. The same electronic device and account can be used in all integrated concessionaires.

The platform is very intuitive and it allows the user to check the account and recharge by only entering the TAG or registration number. Furthermore, the system is multi-vehicle; the user can register more than one vehicle, used for personal or business purposes.

Tecsidel MEP has access to multiple payment platforms and the user accounts can be pre-paid, where the customer updates the balance and can recharge on the spot on the website or by automatic charge, or post-paid, where the system generates all passages invoicing periodically.

This comprehensive solution means win-win for final users and the concessionaires, because as well as the advantages mentioned before, the system creates several reports that allows them to control the complete financial status. In addition, between operators and Tecsidel MEP the SFTP protocol is implemented, where all transactions are sent in batches, once these transactions are validated.

Latest Tecsidel MEP implementations, whose brand names are Easyway and E-pass, are located in Peru. In both cases, the system's functions are focused on account management, TAGs, transactions and transfers, financial and shift management, and operating over the country.

The most important technical features of Tecsidel MEP are:

  • Visual user interface, 100% WEB and intuitive
  • Compatible with the main Browsers
  • High standard security
  • Auditable operations
  • Generation of low network traffic

It is also important to mention that this solution makes the operator able to make announcements and notifications to the customers by conventional mail, email or SMS.

The MEP system architecture consists of the following functional modules:

- BackOffice WEB module: This makes all the service configurations, billing, transactions revision, etc.

- Customer Area: Subset of CRM functions executed by the final customer.

- MEP Manager Service: This performs all periodic systematic tasks of the platform such as sending and receiving lists and batches, automatic billing, communication with CRM modules, etc.

The integration with ERP, credit operators and different Back Office applications allows the MEP system to be a comprehensive and interoperable solution in a whole country.

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