SEGA PTL, the most effective system for orders preparation

The productivity and the accuracy at orders preparation are, without doubts, the main aspects that a Logistics Manager concerns about. Unfortunately, the error reduction is achieved dedicating more resources for non-productive verification tasks.

Tecsidel solves this difficult dilemma in several operative scenarios, because its technological solution SEGA PTL helps to increase the preparation quality, at the same time that increases the productivity.

The experience of Tecsidel in operations automation allows to offer a system based in light displays, very effective in high volume preparation processes of preparation, classification and assembly, being applicable at other specific operations.

SEGA PTL is a solution provided by Tecsidel, with all technological equipment, the software management and the necessary services to double the productivity.

The main benefits are obvious:

  • The inventory is always correct
  • Perfect integration with ERP and WMS systems
  • Technology applicable to orders preparation for e-commerce
  • Easy installation and maintenance

SEGA PTL lights are installed easily on top of the shelves required by the process and type of products. As this is a modular solution, with easy maintenance, it can grow as much as it is necessary. In addition, it can work coordinated with other SEGA systems.

SEGA PTL, is the operations system guided by lights most effective and complete for orders preparation. The station is composed by picking locations, each one has a light display installed. Once a station order is activated, SEGA PTL illuminates the locations displays where the product must be taken, showing the exact amount to prepare. Thanks to this, the operator quickly identifies the location, take the exact products and confirms pressing the display button at the same time. Each display can have options to correct imbalance, require reposition actions, control, etc.

The stations of SEGA PTL orders station increase the productivity due to the visual help to find the product and the immediate confirmation when the product is taken. There is no need of papers nor post administrative transcriptions. This online knowledge also allows to complete more quickly the replenishment process and reduce breakdowns.

Because of it, this Tecsidel solution has become the most demanded by big warehouses.

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