Operations by lights (SEGA PTL)

SEGA PTL is a system oriented to the paperless picking, which provides high productivity and reliability in picking or sorting operations.

It supports a method of picking without papers which through luminous signs guides the operator to the correct locations, showing the exact amounts of units to pick (pick-to-light) or put (put-to-light).

Its main advantage is that it increases both the precision (efficiency) and productivity (haste) operations.

  • It manages the operations that the system performs, and offers tools for configuration and monitoring of the activity. The statistical module provides all the necessary information for the knowledge and process optimization. With it the company may know the productivity of each operation and the incidents that occur.
  • It provides tools for configuration and monitoring of the activity.
  • It is integrated in a simple way with their ERP or WMS, and has a specific integration with SAP-standardized. It operates on a Windows, Linux or Unix, Oracle database, SQL Server, or other server and uses a Windows client for configuration, monitoring, and statistics.
  • Production, directed by lights, leaving hands and view free. Increase the usual productivity: 50% to 100%.
  • Intuitive, just minutes of training, low level of error. Picking error reduction: 70% to 90%. Up to 99.99% accuracy (i.e. an error in 10,000 picks).
  • Facility, total elimination of the paper.
  • Quickness, preparations are completed in less time
  • Flexibility of staff. Simple installation and easy maintenance.
  • High durability, resistant to shocks, dirt, moisture and condensation. Works in extreme conditions: - 30 ° C to 50 ° C.
  • Industrial protection to IP67g specification.
  • Rapid return on investment, less than 1 year on many occasions.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Retail.
  • Electrical equipment.
  • Spare parts.
  • Publishing.
  • Great cold.

The station consists of locations of picking, each of which has installed a luminous display. When an order at the station, SEGA PTL illuminates the displays of the locations where you have to take the product, stating the quantity to prepare. Thus the operator quickly locates the location, removes the exact amount of the product displayed and simultaneously confirms by pressing the display button. Each display can have options to correct differences, request stock replenishment, lot, etc.

SEGA PTL picking stations multiply productivity by visual aid offered to locate the product and immediate confirmation to take it, illegal immigrants do not need for subsequent administrative transcripts. This online knowledge can speed up the replenishment process and reduce breakdowns. This system avoids confusion of product errors since the operator sees illuminated the location where pick, and at the same time quantity errors are reduced because of the visualization the amount at the time of the picking without having to divert the view of any paper or screen, or store products and quantities.

In this mode the station has got a location with display for each target possible classification. It is used, for example, to effectively distribute products to order, grouped crossdocking or picking.

When it identifies the product or bulk sorting, SEGA PTL illuminates target positions reporting the amount to be deposited in each one. As the product spreads, the operator confirms by pressing the display button.

It has options to capture in real time the opening and closing of containers destination and the incidences of the process, as lack of quantity.

Once again, the visual guide by lights and constant display of quantities results in productivity unattainable by traditional methods, by lowering the error rate to insignificant values.

Truck especially focused to prepare multiorder. See: Carriages Put To Light.

Modular technology behind SEGA PTL also offers innumerable possibilities in the field of Assembly and manufacturing, processing of returns or other manipulations. Hundreds of models displays and other signaling devices, elements of data capture can be connected to the system, a flexible software and a company specialized in computerization of processes can dramatically reduce their operating costs to increase their quality of service.


Complete solution

Displays systems often require automation of transportation from buckets to preparation or classification stations or the use of other elements automated conveyors and sorters. In any case, Tecsidel can offer the complete solution that also provides automated support. On the other hand, SEGA PTL can work together with other systems of family SEGA solutions logistics.

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