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Operations by voice (SEGA PTV)

Our product SEGA PTV is a system that allows the execution of operations in the store, using the vocal with the operator communication to guide you, leaving your view and your hands free to manipulate products with maximum productivity. It thus allows you to focus your attention in this activity without being distracted for a second with papers, keyboards or screens.

Operations with voice is based on the fact that the system informs the operator instructions by speaking, and this operator confirms the execution of the system, also using his own voice. The productivity advantage is obvious. In addition to greater capacity for manipulation by both hands available and your eyesight concentrated on the actions it takes, the reception and confirmation of the instructions mean no interruptions in their work. The operator will be able to perform other tasks while it manipulates or moves, gaining seconds allowing you to complete more work at the same time.

Operation control completely online also allows you to improve the quality. For example, in picking operation, SEGA PTV offers the possibility of reacting immediately before stock breakages directing the operator to alternative locations or ordering urgent replenishment operations.

As for errors, avoided largely because the system has the strategy to ask for validation of the actions that are performed through control digits present on the product or on the locations, that coupled with the absence of distraction is in a optimal quality of preparation.

  • SEGA PTV control software manages operations that the system performs, and offers tools for configuration and monitoring of the activity.
  • Its statistical module provides all the necessary information for the knowledge and process optimization, since it provides the detail of the productivity of each operation and the incidents that occur.
  • It is integrated in a simple way with their ERP or WMS, and features of a specific integration with SAP-standardized. Operates on a Windows, Linux or Unix, Oracle database, SQL Server, or other server and uses a Windows client for configuration, monitoring, and statistics.
  • It works on the entire range of terminals of voice of Vocollect, optimal for repetitive warehouse processes such as order-picking. Robust teams of our partner, absolute leader in technology voice within the store, allow to provide productivity in a wide variety of operating environments, including the great cold.The variety of backgrounds of staff who is now in distribution centers is not an obstacle for its reliable voice recognition technology. Even for those cases in which it is required that the team can also perform other operations based on screen and keyboard, we can use this technology on a selection of certified handheld terminals.
  • Supports handheld terminals or onboard traditional based Windows Mobile/CE, PC and smartphones. In this case very appropriate "speaker-independent" voice technology is used in applications that require large or variable, and required vocabularies in environments where it is not possible by the user vocabulary training.This mode makes it possible to extend the benefits of vocal communication, internal or external, others as carriers that removed merchandise or path. In these scenarios the voice of exceptional quality and clarity of SEGA PTV synthesis capability enables an effective transmission of all kinds of information to the user.
  • The implementation of multimodal tasks is another outstanding feature of SEGA PTV supported on certain computers. It allows to combine in the same operation different technologies of communication with the user and data as well as voice capture, taking advantage of all resources of the terminal, from your screen, keyboard and scanner, RDId, camera, GPS and other devices can be connected.An example of useful application is the use of luminous displays of a preparation multiorder to indicate where and operator truck must leave the products, confirming the deposited amount by voice.
  • Increase productivity relating to work with paper and RF terminals.
  • Greater security by having the free view.
  • Noticeable reduction in errors in preparation.
  • Very easy learning and good acceptance by operators.
  • Many scenarios with ROI of less than 1 year.
  • Applicable to various tasks in the store, and other external such as transport.
  • The multimodal capability opens new horizons for implementation. It takes beyond the productivity and reliability that provides the voice.
  • Choice between technology-dependent or independent of the speaker according to the application.
  • SEGA PTV lets you know the productivity of their voice processes.
  • He collaborates to the traceability of products throughout the managed processes.
  • With SEGA WMS, operations monitoring voice and non voice on a single control panel.
  • Fully integrated with other enterprise tools.
  • Vocollect voice, handheld or Terminal onboard equipment certified, fixed sites PC, running software customer voice with support up to 35 languages.
  • Headset with certified microphone, cable or Bluetooth.
  • Cable or Bluetooth bar code scanner, if required by the process.
  • SEGA PTV trade execution software.
  • Equipment monitoring console.
  • Online system integrated with SEGA WMS, SAP (WM, TRM, EWM) or any other WMS or ERP.

The picking is undoubtedly one of the processes where the voice can bring a great advantage. The pick by voice shines particularly against other techniques in extensive areas of locations of product of half rotations. It offers improved productivity and optimal quality of preparation.

SEGA PTV supports preparation by voice with numerous variants, such as picking multiorder, clustered pick or pick to tape (pick to belt).

A simple operation of picking process communicates verbally to the operator to which location should go, this confirms reading location control digits. The system asks the amount to take the product. The mechanism is repeated until finishing all locations to visit on this tour of picking. All the problems and incidents that the operator finds can be communicated by voice to the system.

The direct distribution of products received by truck or factory on pallets or trays of shops or order, without going through storage, is streamlined with the realization by voice. Depending on the process, a wireless scanner, wrist or finger may be required.

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Classification on shelves processes can benefit from operation hands-free, often use combined with wireless scanner.

Obtaining information on the assignments without being distracted from driving, confirmation of incidents, delays, reception and sending of messages, are ordered by voice voice in cast solutions in Tecsidel vehicle.

Communication between users. SEGA PTV module allows the operator to request support by using a command voice and immediately establish a "phone" contact with a supervisor from your own computer. This function is completed with the reverse possibility, where supervisor contact operator without having to look for it when viewing in the monitoring operation stops, or should indicate any particular instructions.

In a fairly large Center this capacity may win many minutes per operator per day, and is in a rather more rapid reaction to incidents.


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