Measurement of quality in IP (LIMS)

The increasing use of the IP protocol in the implementation of services of communication of voice, messaging, data and multimedia content used from PCs and Smartphones or tablets, requires used networks to present remarkable qualities.

To ensure this requirement it is necessary to measure the values of those network parameters used in the calculation of quality indicators which depends on these services user experience, accurate and continuously.

The LIMS (Lightweight IP Measurement System), conceived and developed by Tecsidel, system allows you to measure in real-time the quality parameters of the network of IP communications, including:

  • Availability of connection to IP nodes.
  • Fast (bitrate) IP connection (bits per second) in both directions.
  • Instantaneity (latency) of the connection.
  • Jitter (latency between consecutive IP packet variance).


This measurement is performed through the easy deployment of low-cost probes at significant points, in a flexible, continuous, transparent and sure manner. The precision of the measurements made by the LIMS probes is certified by the Spanish Metrology Centre, under the Ministry of industry of Spain.

The LIMS system consists of:

  • A server that acts as a central repository for configuration, collection and publication of measures and control.
  • A park of probes dedicated, based on LEA (Linux Embedded Application), strategically located, - or eventually running also on PCs or devices of end-users.
  • Points of reference (PR) established the procedures associated with these measures, whose software is downloaded from the central server.

The operation of the LIMS system comprises the following steps:

  1. Configuration system, via web.
  2. Update the configuration in the probes.
  3. Implementation of the network (tube - PR's).
  4. Upload of results from probes to the server and storage in the server database.
  5. Consultation reports via web.




Calculation and notification of alarm situations


Test and report of UDP Jitter


Test and measurement SNMP report

CSP mobility

Test and measures IP mobility (3G, 4G) reports


Test and measures WiFi IP reports


Test and measurements of QoE Video reports on Demand


Test and measurements of QoE Video reports online

When developing the LIMS system, Tecsidel has started from its experience in the integration and development of support systems in the operation of telecommunications networks, following the maxim of Lord Kelvin "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it".

Noted as an application of the LIMS system measurement of quality parameters set out in the standard ETSI EG 202 057 for Internet access service provided by telecom operators that, according to Ministerial order ITC/912/2006 of 29 March, must have these operators in January 1, 2007.

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