Platform for reports XLS (ISSBO)

ISSBO constitutes an efficient reporting platform for easy implementation and use.

It is based on the direct power and ' on-line ' sheets of an Excel workbook using HTML workflows that incorporate information extracted from databases to consult. The computer running Excel does not require any specific software to access to these databases, nor direct connectivity.

The advantages of using Excel as a tool for reporting are evident, since it's an application that is appreciated by its users, who, in addition to presenting often reluctant to replace it with other Business Intelligence tools, take full advantage of the skills already acquired in their management for the handling and analysis of data.

However, environments that are running Excel usually incorporate serious disadvantages, like the use of textual formats that have data raw but do not include graphics, the supply of files from a server that does not allow reuse customizations made by users or, in short, the absence of interactivity, since are based, at best, on a mechanism of request (parameters supply) and recovery of a file with the results. In all observed cases, the concept of interactivity is only based on manipulation of already existing data in an Excel document, local and ephemeral way, without offering any ability to control the basic data.

With ISSBO, Tecsidel advances a step in this progression, allowing a fully interactive reporting based on Excel: do not recover Excel files generated on a server they own Excel feeds on data flow required the ISSBO Server provides.

With this, the ISSBO system adapts to the actual needs of environments that require analysis of data on-demand characterized by:

  • Adaptation to the way you work to users.
  • Fully interactive, Excel-based reporting.
  • Flexible environment and low-cost access to information, either as general reporting system or as departmental complement at large companies.

ISSBO satisfies these requirements thanks to the adoption of a architecture client/server's transactional type. This architecture is characterized by the use of a cross-platform on the server-side implementation and the use in the client-side of office applications already implemented, accepted and well known by users, such as Excel.

The communication between client and server is supported by the HTTP protocol, whose step usually respect the firewall.



Reuse of knowledge in Excel of the users for the development of treatments and the reporting elements:

  • Integration in the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Macros Visual Basic programming.
  • Formulas, graphics.

Rationalization in the administration of the access to data:

  • Serialization of the connection to the database
  • Control of the use of the databases
  • Reusing queries and reports
  • Reuse of the opening firewalls with http protocol

In summary ISSBO generates reports by filling dynamically an Excel via a workflow HTML document generated by the query to the database that the user launches so it is not necessary to automate the periodic sending of static reports to users.

The way of presenting these data - graphics, type of letter, formats, distribution - is maintained by the excel document and for its design all the resources offered by Excel may be used.

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