Lane Application

Tecsidel's lane software application is a very ergonomic and reliable product that manages the fee collection, store, monitors and controls transactions from devices installed on the lanes in the toll.

Tecsidel's software is based on mechanisms for collecting and processing data on Linux operating system and real-time support. Uses the programming language C + + and integrates a wide range of signaling and payment peripherals, sensors and measurement and control.

The manual application has a user friendly graphical interface that can be customized for each client. Its design is via operator-oriented to facilitate the entry of information, data verification and the realization of the collection, managing the necessary peripherals depending on the means of payment accepted.

Automatic application supports remote operator action and manages the payment automatically through a textual interface.

• Customized design.

• Solutions for opened and closed toll road, with all kinds of supports in lane settings: manual, automatic, or electronic toll collection, mono category or multi-category, etc.

• Touchscreen monitor and keyboard on the lane control panel.

• Maintenance menu for diagnosing and solving problems.

• Self-monitoring of all connected devices.

• Transactions in real time.

• High security protocols.

• Automatic update of parameters tables and SW versions.

• Autonomy of operation in case of communication loss.

• Remote and in real time access to maintenance and monitoring.

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