It is time to think about new strategies for the challenges the administration has to face. Therefore, with our projects, we have built practical reference models that help us to work in the change management ensuring the success.

We collaborate with the client through a fluid communication to make possible A modern public Administration with quality at the service of citizens.

Tecsidel eAdmin is a global solution designed to apply the advantages of digital in the field of Administrative modernisation. Every product is designed to solve a problem, and it is the sum of all of them that make the e-Administration a reality:

  • Tecsidel eArchivo: storage and conservation of documentation, both electronic and paper.
  • Tecsidel eGov: exchange of data and documents with other administrations.
  • Tecsidel eSign: processing and tracking of records, managing all active documentation in the provision of services.
  • Tecsidel eSign collegiate institution: management of the resolution of administrative procedures, by decrees or by collegiate institutions.
  • Tecsidel eSite: connected with the citizens via Internet, allowing the consultation of procedures from the online site.
  • Tecsidel eSnt: shipping and management of electronic notifications.
  • Tecsidel IdM: management of identities of users of the different solutions of Tecsidel eAdmin.


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eAdmin in the City Hall of Gavà

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Management of consumption in public administrations.

We are heirs to technological products and developments of the company spiral Informática, S.L., (...)


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SmartCity Expo World Congress 2015

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Tecsidel develops eGovernment System for Nicaragua

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eSign in the Diputación de Burgos

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19th Conference on Archivist in the Municipality of Madrid

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