E-Government platform

Our solution for eGovernment is a suite of products designed to apply the advantages of digital in the field of administrative modernisation. The following image shows, in broad terms, the major systems that comprise the general outline of the solution.


Tecsidel IdM is a complete system of digital identities management. This system integrated with other proposed systems can manage users using digital certificates or user/password.

In addition it allows parametrically, to manage access using any X 509 digital certificate, the certification authorities which are considered reliable (CATCert, eDNI, ANCERT, FNMT, etc.) any of the corporate applications that are deemed necessary. This includes, among other things, all the functions necessary to deploy an auditable Single Sign On between applications

Problem solving is double:

  • It ensures that the user is who he/she claims to be, validating online certificate against the certification authority that issued it.
  • It is capable of linking a digital certificate with users or roles from other systems.

Thus, it centralizes management of users in a single system, so that you can get to get the paradigm of "a physical user for only digital identity", and breaks with the current situation of many organizations, where a physical user has a lot of digital identities (a user/pwd for each system).

In addition Tecsidel IdM includes a new module of management of guardians to collect the credentials of the representatives of natural or legal persons. But in addition, the module also allows establishing control mechanisms in the case of start or checking any administrative procedure by the representatives.

Processing to include in the electronic office services are supported in the module citizen portfolio Tecsidel eSign. In this way we provide coverage to the needs of processing online forms/applications (publication), consultation of the status of records, submission of documentation, validation of documents, telematic notifications, etc.

The public portfolio module, included in the electronic Office, is the system that makes possible the creation of new environment of personal relationship with the citizen that is integrated directly into the web site of the City Council.

Our system allows you to offer citizens everything that is necessary to be able to interact with the City Council using the Internet. Thus, through this system, you can perform the following steps:

  • Start, through telematic applications, any process you want.
  • Check the status of your transaction, allowing not only to have the information of the status in which it is located, but also accessing all the documentation that is part of your record.
  • Part of the processing that makes the City Council, not only starting the processing but even making provision of required documentation, either by performing any necessary step in processing, like for example: payment of a settlement.

This module links up with the platform for processing with the aim of incorporating those mechanisms that make possible a telematic interaction with the citizens. Thus, the set of services that the City Council can use for communication with its citizens through the web channel are:

  • Telematic register. It allows you to register, by different procedures, both the citizen information entrance request and the documents delivered and part of the input/output record that valid entries are flushed.
  • Telematics notice. It allows the citizen receiving such notification as an alternative to the traditional postal notification.

It is the first place where you have to consider how to carry out the management internally so that different channels of communication with the citizen do not mean to duplicate tools or work differently.

Tecsidel proposes to unify in a single application both registration information face-to-face and electronic register. From this point it may raise unified management of formalities and procedures that apply for the citizen.

  • It is also the place where it can start to eliminate the paper, or at least do not circulate internally. To be considered the subject of digitizing/scanning at the entrance.
  • And finally, as it is the case with paper documents, the entrance register will be electronically addressed to the City Council departments.

This module is integrated with the Tecsidel eSign tool, in order to satisfy all the requirements to be able to check documents in and out, have control over where the status of documentation, and finally ensuring the traceability of log seats.

No doubt that between the parts that make up a project to modernize administrative this part is vitally important since it is going to allow the City Council to automate its internal procedures and tighten their organizational reality.

The electronic processing of Tecsidel platform is a system oriented to support the administrative procedure of document database. This is important to have it mind since it is a document-oriented system, both electronic and paper.

As it happens in the paper world, proposed processing platform also includes the information and documentation of any record in a single location: the virtual file folder.

This folder contains all kinds of information and organizes it for an agile and simple consultation.

  • Electronic signature.

The platform also includes electronic signature tools so that, if the Council wishes, you can process documents in electronic form with full legal validity. The electronic signature of the system module complies with the specification of electronic signature of long duration. Although it's a technicality, it is important to take this into account from the point of view of conservation of documents.

  • Integration with registration both input and output

The objective is that there is a two-way communication, both input and output, and that since the handling tool be accessible to all the registration information without using other systems.

  • Automatic generation of documents.

Another aspect which improves restart processing platform is Automation in the generation of the documents that are required during the processing of any record. This is possible because the system works based on templates that automatically record data.

  • Public folder.

Processing platform is fully integrated with the public folder, both to pick up what the citizen sent to let know you the status of their paperwork.

  • Telematics notifications.

When processing in electronic supports it cannot be forgotten that the citizen may require the City Council to be notified via telematics.

  • Orders

The order is what will allow a user who is prosecuting a record to ask another person to perform some task or process (writing a report, signing a document, etc.) that will be incorporated into the virtual folder of the file. That is, the same occurring today in the paper world, but in electronic form.

In this line of action there are two alternatives that Tecsidel poses for the implementation and commissioning underway:

  • Free model. In this case the system allows collecting all documentation of any administrative procedure. Now, the processing is done free, i.e., leaving the decision of the tasks to be carried out to the user. That means, having access to electronic signature, electronic records, telematic notifications utilities.
  • Guided model. In this case the system permits the definition of structured way, and by graphic designers, all the elements that make up an administrative procedure: documents, templates, procedures, files, tasks, flow of work, timing and deadlines, etc. So, it will be easy to move the tool with any aspect related to a procedure

In addition to a powerful processing platform, Tecsidel has developed some functional verticalization in order to facilitate the management of certain administrative tasks.

It aims to go a step further and provide some automation for users in different departments to help manage specific aspects within their administrative procedures.

This would be the case of the Secretary module that facilitates the management of the large number of documents which must be treated in the scope of the resolutions of the records, whether if it's decrees or college organs. Specifically, it assists in all matters relating to the management of proposals, decrees, the sessions (full, informative commissions, boards of Directors), making announcements and proceedings, as well as notifications.

Within the scope of the Secretary it manages all the procedures of the sessions of Board of Local Government, Parliament, informative commissions and decrees. All of these procedures are somewhat special because they must manage much information (proposals and agreements transfer) between departments and sessions. This includes a very strong documentary burden: agenda, call, minutes, etc.

Tecsidel includes a module that allows you to give a very fitting response to the needs of these procedures. For example: managing aggregate proposals, automatically sending the agreements to records in the process, allowing telematics notice to the members of the collegial bodies, by automating the generation of all documents, etc.

The more realistic scenario is the one that contemplates that the documentation of a citizen’s record is on paper and in electronic form. However, it is necessary to consider what to do with the electronic documents when you end the file. Where will they store? How to save them? Applying what criteria?

Tecsidel considers that the person responsible for archiving the files must have the necessary means to be able to manage the documentation that will be starting work in electronic.

For this reason we have developed a tool that allows the archivist to define its classification box with its documentary series, their boards of evaluation, forms of archival description, etc. So much for the information contained on paper such as that found in electronic.

At the moment that we go from managing paper-based information to manage it also in electronic form, as well as having the legal support that gives the use of electronic signatures, it is necessary to have a tool that will ensure the preservation and access secure information in electronic format in order to comply to the data protection Act.


  • Definition of the tree of the structure of the information according to the documentary classification table established by the City Council.
  • Definition of records of archival description, both for the documentary series documentary units stored.
  • Access control. Users will have access only to those documents required for the performance of its functions. The system allows the definition of users, user profiles and access authorized for each of them
  • It also includes a powerful search engine for the location of any document.

Should be noted that the management of documentary is supported by the use of the open source Alfresco document management tool.

Processing platform has a transversal character, i.e. can incorporate any type of procedure you want to, regardless of the functional area. So therefore, and in order to be able to adjust those procedures to the reality of the information systems of each Department, the system incorporates a powerful and flexible mechanism for integration. This way, regardless of the link that you want to establish with the systems already existing in the City Council, the system can integrate with any of them in order to consult any information.

Thanks to this powerful integration mechanism, the system gives response at the beginning of the data only, thus avoiding duplication of information in multiple systems.

Note that Tecsidel, thanks to the effort made in numerous projects, already has a significant number of connectors with systems of back Office in different areas, such as: systems of accounting, tax management, etc.

It is a communication system that allows the City Council to consult certificates of other online agencies and in real time, while the citizen should provide it in the request for a given transaction. An example is in the area of procurement, the consultation of current payment of tax obligations (AEAT, TGSS).

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