Optimizing warehouse processes

We work every day in the design of solutions to improve specific points of you supply chain, which bring great benefits with low complexity:

-They focus on optimizing materials processes to increase productivity, compact space, reduce errors and ensure growth.

-They use appropriate technologies for automatic identification and data capture, transport and storage automation.

-They are modular systems integrated with their current ERP/WMS.

We have numerous standardized application scenarios and the possibility of combining technologies to design a solution to your specific case. Some of the base possibilities are:

  • Systems with radio frequency terminals.
  • Preparation systems with terminals by voice.
  • Control systems for transporting circuit boxes/pails with automatic preparation orders transport.
  • Stations of high productivity for orders preparation through light displays (pick to light).
  • Orders classification stations by light displays (put to light).
  • Preparation of multiple orders with luminous displays carts.
  • Management systems with automatic sorter of units or boxes.
  • Automatic preparation of merchandise-human orders systems.
  • Subsystems for management of automatic warehouse of pallets, light loads, carousels or paternosters.
  • Container RFid-controlled storage lockers.
  • AGV systems for automatic movement of loads within the factory or warehouse.
  • Validation of location with trucks with RFid.
  • Systems of control of weight and dimensions.
  • Systems of automatic capture of registration in barcode or RFid.
  • Load photograph as proof of status in/out.
  • Application of labels
  • Data capture production by RFID barcode reading.
  • Control of strapping, shrink wrapping, palletizing.
  • Classification with luminous displays.
  • Automatic classifier-based management systems.

In the design of the solution we use various technologies, many of which we supply in form of turnkey projects:

  • Mobile data capture terminals.
  • Technology of 1D and 2D barcode (QR, Datamatrix...).
  • Passive RFid technology.
  • Weighing and volume of loads systems.
  • Systems of lighting displays.
  • AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicles).
  • Image capture systems.

These technologies are governed by the SEGA OES, platform on which it is implemented the optimized internal processes.


There are pre-configurations for SEGA OES for some common applications focused basically on technology:


  • SEGA WCS, intelligent management of movements and storage with automated systems.
  • SEGA PTL, processes optimized through light displays.
  • SEGA PTV, voice-controlled operations.
  • SEGA RF, execution of operations and mobile data capture based on barcode and RFid.

In cases of applications that combine various technologies of execution, SEGA OES provides the unified view of the entire process, as well as offering control of different technological subsystems in a single user interface:


By definition, our systems of optimization of operations tend to be incorporated into existing processes to improve them, which usually require some kind of interface with systems which receive orders, generally of a WMS system or possibly some kind of ERP operations capabilities.

The SEGA platform offers a flexible system of bi-directional integration with superior systems, which allows from the XML interchange to flat files or shared databases. When the host system is SAP, there are specific procedures for their standardized integration mechanisms (IDOCs, SAP PI...).

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