Supply chain advanced planning

Accelerating Business Performance through Market-driven Demand Analytics and Supply Chain Optimization

Tecsidel solutions for Advanced Supply Chain Planning, based on ToolsGroup’s “Powerfully Simple” software, deliver improved business outcomes in complex demand-driven environments. Tecsidel helps companies accelerate their business performance through market-driven demand analytics and supply chain optimization. We leverage quantitative and qualitative data to deliver predictive demand signals and enhance the effectiveness of the planning process.

We help deliver improved business outcomes in complex demand driven environments. We leverage quantitative and qualitative data to deliver predictive demand signals and enhance the effectiveness of the planning process. Our supply chain planning and demand analytics solutions seamlessly integrate to a wide variety of ERP platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle, and link to Execution Operation Systems like SEGA WMS.

If you are a demand and supply chain planning executive who has important shortcomings in your planning process, Tecsidel offers a significantly better approach to supply chain planning. Whether you can’t get an accurate detailed forecast, inventory levels aren’t optimized to guarantee a high service level, or your planners are spending all their time trying to build a statistical forecast; we can help. We are a committed team that helps you accelerate your business performance. We can help you achieve a reliable statistical forecast, service level optimization, and increased planner productivity. All at a price and overhead cost you can afford; even delivered as SaaS.

Your operational performance depends heavily on margin attainment and asset utilization. For margin improvement, our unique “Trade Promotion Optimization” tool provides you the analytical tools to truly optimize the effectiveness of your marketing spend; from trade promotions to media events and social media. For asset utilization, if a significant portion of your capital is tied up in inventory, we can help improve your key ROIC financial metric. Our “Inventory Mix Optimization” tool puts the right buffers in place to enable you to deliver competitive and sustainable customer service levels while generating a rapid (typically 20-40%) inventory improvement.

Surrounded by an explosion of valuable data, most forecasting systems have no way to take advantage of it. Businesses complexity is growing, driven by multi-channel marketing, demand shaping (media, promotions, NPI), and other factors. ToolsGroup leverages a fundamentally different approach to tackle these more challenging environments called “Demand Modeling”. It brings a new level of automation and machine intelligence to the planning process.

Too often demand collaboration simply means sharing the responsibility for a bad forecast. Demand Collaboration Hub (DCH) creates forecast accuracy statistics for each data source, providing an objective basis for continuous improvement by assigning more weight to sources that provide more accurate forecasts.

Demand Sensing allows you to incorporate detailed short-term demand data into your forecasts to reduce forecast error and optimally deploy inventory. Downstream data, such as customer and channel data, is employed to identify demand trends, provide advanced warning of problems, and remove the latency between plan and what is really happening in the supply chain. The quicker deviations can be identified, the quicker and more intelligently a company can respond.

Inventory Optimization is uniquely capable of managing slow movers and long tail items and is also ideally suited for companies targeting high customer service levels. Unique statistical demand and inventory models reliably describe the relationship between inventory and customer service, identifying the right inventory mix to truly deliver customer service targets. And rather than assign the same “one size fits all” service level target to all SKUs in a group, Service Level Optimization assigns different service targets to each individual SKU-Location, further driving inventory savings while still achieving the same overall service level mix.

By injecting a much higher level of automation and intelligence into your planning process, our Powerfully Simple technology enables an entirely new approach to S&OP. Think of it as S&OP “at the press of a button”. With the grunt work out of the way, your team is free to focus on what they do best – finetune the plans using their market and business knowledge.

Our powerful machine learning technology makes it possible to recognize the shared characteristics of promotional events and identify their effect on normal sales. It extracts knowledge about which variables most impact demand and produces a set of simple intelligible rules, easily understood by the user.


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