Governance and monitoring of services and IT monitoring

We raised our solution to the governance and monitoring of services and monitoring of services and infrastructures based on two foundations:

Standard ISO/IEC 38500-2008

This standard aims to provide a framework of principles for the direction of organizations to apply them on evaluating, directing, and monitoring the use of the information technologies (TI) with the object that it is effective, efficient and acceptable.



We take into account the aspects:

  • Performance: the IT are providing support to the business, with full availability, fault-free and with the expected performance.
  • Compliance: the TI meet the agreed service levels.


We rely on ITIL V3 on the operation and improvement of service management (their two latest volumes).

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework of best practices in the IT Government. Currently there are three versions:

  • ITIL V1 is the first version; this application could already be very useful in many companies.
  • ITIL V2 is process-oriented.
  • ITIL V3 focuses on the IT service lifecycle.



ITIL V3, published in May 2007, is divided into five volumes:

It studies the market and possibilities through the search of innovative services that satisfy the customer taking into account the actual feasibility of their implementation. It is discussed possible improvements to existing services, renewing or revoking eventually existing contracts.

Its viability is analyzed. For this purpose take factors such as the available infrastructure and the training of personnel. Aspects such as safety and prevention disaster are planned. To start up the reallocation of posts, infrastructure, and software to implement are taken into consideration.

The service is tested before put it into action. So the information available about the actual level of training of users, discusses state of the infrastructure, available IT resources, among others. Then prepares a scenario for testing (databases are replicated, prepares plans of rollback) and tests are conducted. The results are analyzed and compared with expectations.

It actively and passively monitors the operation of the service, register events, incidents, problems, requests and access to the service.

Measurement and feedback tools are used to document the information relating to the operation of the service, results obtained, caused problems, solutions implemented, etc. So it must be verifies the level of knowledge of the users with regard to the new service, and promote the recording and investigation relating to user experience.

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