Management network (NMS) and support (OSS) operation

The TMF (Telecommunications Management Network) of the ITU-T Protocol defines four levels of management for telecommunication networks:

{BM (business management) slider |closed}

It includes functions related to aspects of the business, trends analysis, quality problems, for example, or to provide a basis for billing and other financial reports.

Deals with the services that the network provides: definition, administration and billing of services.

It focuses on the resources that make up the network, performs configuration, control and monitoring tasks.

Uniformly manages network elements, including alarm management, handling of information, backup, registry and hardware maintenance and software from their computers.

The ITU (International Communication Union) defines five functional areas known as FCAPS (Fault-Configuration-Accounting-Performance-Security: )

{F - fault (Fault) |closed slider}

Management of alarms, detection and resolution of incidents, test, diagnosis, verification and recovery of network.

Activation, provision of networks, network discovery and inventory management.

{A - accounting (Accounting) |closed slider}

The use of service and billing tracking

Collection of data, generation of reports, analysis of data calculation of SLAs.

Permission management functions, access control to the NE and other levels of management and access records.


Telecommunication Management Forum (TMF) provides three areas of vertical management in relation to the three horizontal layers (business/customer, service and network resources) of the model eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map), known as FAB (Fulfillment-Assurance-Billing)

It includes processes and functions necessary to start the supply of the service that the customer has purchased. In relation to the functional model FCAPS this block would include C (Configuration).

Invoicing (Billing)

It includes the processes and functions that ensure the availability and quality of the Service contracted by the client. In relation to the FCAPS model, this block would include the F (Failure) and P (Performance).

It includes processes and functions which, on the basis of accounting for the consumption or use of the service by the customer, assigned economic value to recover from this. This block is related to the (Accounting) functional model FCAPS.


We provide solutions for EMS, NMS and OSS to operators of telecommunications in full compliance with the models TMN, FCAPS, FAB and eTOM, to cover the functional areas, levels of management and structure of processes that these models define.

We build solutions based on the implementation and eventual adaptation, both of products (LIMS, TRAMS,...), products of other allied companies endorsed reputation (IBM, Comarch,...).

We developed solutions based on Open Source OSS. Our engineers provide his experience integrating solutions based on open field OSS products, such as Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti or Talend, collected in its bundle t-QoSMOS. As example of this approach is shown in the following figure, the implementation of a manager of CPE based on Open Source components including t-QoSMOS, suitably adapted and integrated.


We develop software ' ad-hoc' in different OSS areas, usually with the aim of integrating already existing management systems, either to give them new features required by the customer, always based on the market-standard software technologies.

We have references from NMS and OSS solutions in the areas in both national and international clients. You can consult them in our references section.

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