Toll system in Mexico, COPEXA

It is the Perote - Banderilla - issuance of Xalapa highway, in Mexico. The 4-levels toll system includes 4 mixed multi-category with electronic toll collection lanes and 8 mixed lanes without electronic toll, distributed in 2 charging points and 1 central system with back-office and financial module. The Traffic System includes the following subsystems: 40 SOS posts, 4 Variable Message Signs (VMS), 4 CCTV cameras and a central system.

Toll system in Chile, ACCIONA

Supply, installation and maintenance of a toll system for la Ruta 160 Acceso Norte Coronel Tres Pinos, with three main toll areas located at Chivilingo, Curanilahue and Pilpilco. The solution was developed for ACCIONA, Spanish Corporation of great references in the field of sustainability, dedicated to infrastructure management, renewable energy, water and services.

The project consists of 8 manual lanes, 8 dynamics lanes and 6 mixed lanes distributed in three plazas. It includes a control center Back-Office and an operator of tags for the management of users and issuing of interoperable tags. Ruta 160 contributes to the development of production in that area, being a key route for wood transportation.

Toll system in Chile, ITATA

Toll system developed in 3 levels for the layout of ITATAs highway of 75.1 km constructed by the Sociedad Concesionaria Autopista de ITATA, whom the State of Chile, through the Ministry of Public Works, commissioned its construction, maintenance and operation.

The project consists of 17 lanes; 8 mixed, equipped in 3 plazas with video surveillance systems and a Back-Office operations central system.