R+D+i: IOT4FSM (Internet Of Things For Field Service Management)

A way of making Europe.

IOT4FSM is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually, with funding provided by the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda,  in the framework of the Strategic Action on Digital Economy and Society, within the Plan for Scientific Research Technical and Innovation 2013-2016 (TSI-100110-2016-1).

The aim of IOT4FSM is the development of a system oriented to manage and track in real-time the different resources and materials used in the arena ,  by emergency services field technicians (fire, police, medical emergencies), with the use of embedded tags in heterogonous places, on a Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless telecommunications basis.  This tracking will be possible both from mobile devices used by field technicians and  from a central server.

Currently the management of this type of scenarios is done by via audio traditional communications (TeTRA networks), as well as with GPS fleet management systems. The proposed solution aims to extend these capabilities to areas of location of technicians and materials, providing visibility of inventory of available resources and their current status, in environments both outdoor and indoor.

In order to carry out the project, Tecsidel starts from its proven knowledge and experience in the solutions it provides to its customers, such as its cars identification and tracking systems (from Toll and ITS line)  and its ware  location and status control systems (from Logistics Industry and Distribution line)

Also in terms of the functional context Tecsidel takes into consideration its previous experience in the area of Field Service Management performed from its IT Solutions projects for telecommunications operators and security companies.

With IOT4FSM Tecsidel reaches to build a system of interest to its three business lines, based on its capacity to develop software applications for mobile devices and IoT, which has as a central element a sensorization characterized by

-be based and hybrid t Near Field Communications - Bluetooth Low Energy and  developed ad-hoc tag,

-apply the usage of this type of tag, not only to detect the presence of the actor or object to which are attached and identify them, but also to point out the position, extending, in addition, such use during actions in the field in which they are involved.

SEGA PTL, the most effective system for orders preparation

The productivity and the accuracy at orders preparation are, without doubts, the main aspects that a Logistics Manager concerns about. Unfortunately, the error reduction is achieved dedicating more resources for non-productive verification tasks.

Tecsidel solves this difficult dilemma in several operative scenarios, because its technological solution SEGA PTL helps to increase the preparation quality, at the same time that increases the productivity.

The experience of Tecsidel in operations automation allows to offer a system based in light displays, very effective in high volume preparation processes of preparation, classification and assembly, being applicable at other specific operations.

SEGA PTL is a solution provided by Tecsidel, with all technological equipment, the software management and the necessary services to double the productivity.

The main benefits are obvious:

  • The inventory is always correct

  • Perfect integration with ERP and WMS systems

  • Technology applicable to orders preparation for e-commerce

  • Easy installation and maintenance

SEGA PTL lights are installed easily on top of the shelves required by the process and type of products. As this is a modular solution, with easy maintenance, it can grow as much as it is necessary. In addition, it can work coordinated with other SEGA systems.

SEGA PTL, is the operations system guided by lights most effective and complete for orders preparation. The station is composed by picking locations, each one has a light display installed. Once a station order is activated, SEGA PTL illuminates the locations displays where the product must be taken, showing the exact amount to prepare. Thanks to this, the operator quickly identifies the location, take the exact products and confirms pressing the display button at the same time. Each display can have options to correct imbalance, require reposition actions, control, etc.

The stations of SEGA PTL orders station increase the productivity due to the visual help to find the product and the immediate confirmation when the product is taken. There is no need of papers nor post administrative transcriptions. This online knowledge also allows to complete more quickly the replenishment process and reduce breakdowns.

Because of it, this Tecsidel solution has become the most demanded by big warehouses.

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Tecsidel will implement its SEGA PTL at ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ distribution centre

Tecsidel and G&G distributor ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ signed an agreement to implement SEGA PTL solution in its distribution centre located in Santiago de Chile. SEGA PTL (Pick To Light / Put To Light) is the most productive operations system guided by illuminated displays that Tecsidel offers for units and parcels classification.

This big company, G&G, was founded in Chile in 1928, and nowadays it is positioned as a leader in this field relying on 1.200 employees approximately. Guante has 40 stores while Gacel has 43.

The main goals for G&G were clear:

-Optimize the reverse logistics process and the classification of seasonal balances and returns for liquidation sales.

-Facilitate the format changing process of master boxes for its products.

In this modality, the SEGA PTL sorting station has a display in each location, which is illuminated to indicate the position in which the product that has been identified must be deposited. Always according to the treatment defined in each process that is performed on the station.

This state-of-the-art solution is very intuitive, and after a few minutes of learning, operators are able to achieve levels of productivity and accuracy unattainable by traditional methods such as paper or radiofrequency. It has options for capturing in real time the opening and closing of containers at destination, process incidents and times, product traceability and operations, and a complete reporting and KPIs module.

Tecsidel will conclude the deployment and implementation during the second quarter of 2017.

Omnisport signs Tecsidel SEGA WMS implementation in its warehouses

Omnisport, founded in El Salvador in 1954 and with more than 35 stores distributing the leading electronic brands, has recently signed an agreement with Tecsidel to implement its SEGA WMS in the warehouses located in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

SEGA WMS is the warehouse management system, manufactured 100% by Tecsidel, that has been successfully implemented in many warehouses in Latin America. This project will enable Omnisport to enrich its logistics operation by obtaining a reduction in its operating costs. This goal will be achieved optimizing the use of both human and physical resources in the operations execution. SEGA WMS implementation will contribute to an obvious increase in the quality of service offered by Omnisport to the end customer.

It is worth to mention that this big company has three specialized service centres: one for electronics, one for its own line and one for furniture, as well as the Sony Xplod Installation Center, which offers a comprehensive and professional attention.

The project agreed with Tecsidel consists of two phases: an implementation in El Salvador to be carried out in 2017, and another in Nicaragua that will start in 2018. The activity areas of SEGA WMS in the warehouses will be:


• Storage areas for complete pallets

• Picking and Order Preparation areas

• Shipping area

All this will allow a reliable and complete stock control in real time, and a drastic decrease of the margin of error, since it is a very user-friendly and intuitive interface for the operators.

In conclusion, the expected result is a notable growth in efficiency and efficiency in carrying out logistic operations at Omnisport's warehouses.