Tecsidel is awarded the toll system renovation on the Tamar Bridge (UK)

In February 2018, Tecsidel and "Tamar Bridge & Torpoint Ferry" sign the renovation of the current toll system on the Tamar Bridge and the ferry that connects Torpoint with Plymouth (United Kingdom). This bridge is located over the river Tamar between Saltash, Cornwall and Plymouth, in the southwest of England. It is 335 meters long, running adjacent to the Royal Albert Bridge, and part of the A38, a main road between the two counties.

The scope of this project is 1 plaza with 8 lanes and the collection by Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) on the ferry between Torpoint and Plymouth. This means a modernisation following an earlier install performed by Tecsidel. The toll system implemented in the plaza will be mixed, combining the manual toll -whose accepted payment methods are cash, bank card and Mifare, with electronic toll collection by OBUs.

For the ferry, Tecsidel will provide an electronic portable collection system, PDA, equipped with barcode and smart cards reader. This handheld device uses DSRC (Dedicated Short-Ranged Communications) technology to identify the vehicle TAG and has full autonomy and data storage capacity. Furthermore, it is fitted with a belt mounted Bluetooth receipt printer. Automatic data exchange with the central system is done by using Wi Fi network or ethernet charging cradle.

Tecsidel plans to complete the project in March 2019.

Tecsidel completes the first phase of the ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’ project in Peru

By order of Autopista del Norte, who is the concessionaire of the road network 4: ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’, Tecsidel completed the first phase of the implementation of its new toll system in the plazas located at km 402 and 525 of the ‘Panamericana Norte’, in Peru.

These plazas have a total of 11 lanes, 2 reversible and 4 prepared for electronic toll collection (ETC). From now on they will have Tecsidel toll system installed in the lane (level 1), integrated with the current systems of the plaza (level 2) and back office (level 3), thus forming a modular system compatible with any other level 2 system.

Furthermore, Tecsidel implemented RFID technology in the 4 electronic toll lanes, which hugely improves traffic flow.

Autopista del Norte is the company responsible for the construction, maintenance and conservation of the road network 4: ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’. This highway is 356 km long and strategically connects the departments of Lima, Ancash and Trujillo. For this year, the implementation of this new system in its toll plazas located in ‘Fortaleza’ and ‘Huarmey’ is already planned, both containing 6 manual lanes.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, breaking records

Intertraffic Amsterdam was held from 20th to 23rd of March 2018 at RAI Amsterdam. It is the leading exhibition in the traffic and mobility industry since 1972 and this year it broke attendance records again. More than 30,000 professionals in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, security and parking attended this highly expected event to learn about the latest innovations from leading companies in these fields.

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 counted on the participation of more than 800 exhibitors. Tecsidel participated for the third time to show its efficient solutions for toll and ITS systems. On this occasion, Tecsidel presented two of its state-of-the-art solutions: its Maintenance Management System (TMMS +) and its Electronic Payment Management System (MPE).

TMMS+ solution is the Tecsidel system for managing maintenance tasks that must be carried out on the assets comprising of an installation, the purpose of which is to reduce time, logistics and, therefore, costs. MEP is the system that enables the management of electronic payment devices (TAGs), associated with user accounts.

Tecsidel staff attended to people from all continents, especially new visitors from Asia and Africa. Both continents are very interested in this industry because a lot of countries are making big investments in developing new infrastructures for big and strategic cities.

Intertraffic Amsterdam fair has become the best opportunity for visitors to discover the latest market trends. The next edition will be held in 2020 and Tecsidel will participate again.

Valero implements Tecsidel SEGA LITE in its warehouses

‘Valero Forn Tradicional’ implements Tecsidel SEGA LITE for the management of the two warehouses located in Terrassa and Sabadell (Spain). The project began in February 2018 and the implementation will be completed in the following weeks.

SEGA LITE is the optimal warehouse management system for those that have a moderate number of operators. It stands out for being an easier solution to implement and more flexible to operate. SEGA LITE achieves full traceability and can also be implemented in the cloud (Cloud computing) without the client having to worry about the IT platform, as it is fully managed by Tecsidel.

With this state-of-the-art system they will manage the product identification in the production lines (3 in Terrassa and 1 in Sabadell), the product location in the different cold chambers where the temperature reaches -25º, and the preparation of orders to end customers and stores like the stock transfer between warehouses.

At the same time, the reception and storage of the raw material coming from the supplier will be managed as well as the control of its consumption. The system will use Radio Frequency terminals. On this occasion Tecsidel will offer devices for ambient temperature and special terminals to deal with the low temperatures of the cold chambers.

‘Valero Forn Tradicional’ was founded in 1957, with the opening of a small bakery in Sabadell. Today, the company has stores in many municipalities of Vallès Occidental, Barcelona and Esparraguera, its last opening.

Successful implementation of SEGA PTL in Easy

In January 2018, Tecsidel completed the implementation of SEGA PTL (Pick To Light / Put To Light) to manage Easy´s Order Classification Station at its distribution centre located in Buenos Aires.

Easy is the leading home center specialized in the sale of products for the construction, remodelling and furnishing of houses and gardens. The brand trusted Tecsidel SEGA PTL with the aim of improving the quality of order shipments to the many Easy stores in Latin America.

SEGA PTL is the solution that guides the user in each operation by using light devices. "It looks very user-friendly, intuitive, robust and productive" said Rodrigo Quiros, Easy's logistics manager, congratulating Tecsidel’s Argentinan team.

On this occasion, SEGA PTL is integrated with Easy's SAP WMS, thus resolving the coexistence of different channels to make the distribution (Traditional Island or PTL). The process is totally open and flexible to the incorporation or modification of products that pass through one or another flow, thus avoiding possible conflicts arising from multiple OT of the same product code, and other technical issues such as the opening and closing of boxes.

This project adds to the long list of companies that count on this efficient solution that increases productivity and helps operators to work safer by having their hands completely free, minimizing errors.

SEGA LITE, the smart solution for small warehouses

Tecsidel offers SEGA LITE to manage those warehouses with a moderate number of operators, it is the easiest smart solution to implement and the most flexible to operate. It is optimal for small warehouses in which a person can do different types of operations.

SEGA LITE coordinates the productive operations of the warehouse (reception, storage, picking, replenishment, adjustments and inventory) and allows to identify and locate the product in real time. This state-of-the-art system controls the FIFO or FEFO rotation, the blockages by quality and the expiration, obtaining complete traceability: delivery note of the supplier, batch, serial number, etc.

The results of this efficient solution are evident:

  • Reduction of stock levels

  • Optimization of the occupied space

  • Improvement of operator productivity

  • Improvement of customer service

  • Security guarantee: expiration dates, quality blockages, etc.

  • It drastically reduces the level of error

  • Traceability of the goods throughout the warehouse process

In addition, it offers access to historical reports to help in future decision-making and monitor different day-to-day processes of a warehouse to get information such as who prepared a specific order or who stored a specific container, etc.

SEGA LITE by Tecsidel is multi-warehouse and multi-operator, the advisable number of operators is between 1 and 12 people, and it is necessary that the items are identified with bar codes. Normally, Radio Frequency technology is integrated to execute the operations through portable devices with a screen and bar code reader. These devices are connected via WiFi for an on-line update of the information.

These are the main technical characteristics of SEGA LITE:

  • Configurable system that can be parameterized by the user

  • Friendly interface with graphic terminals

  • Unguided system: the operator determines the order and sequence of operations

  • Very flexible operating flow, adapts to characteristics of multiple sectors

  • Concept of "suggestion" in the determination of location: without fixed rules and without restrictions

  • Absolute control of stock and traceability

  • Management of consumption dates, expirations, date of manufacture, batch, and serial number, variable weight

  • Management of formats (units, packs, boxes, etc.)

  • Palletization management (layers, pallet heights)

  • Management of container types (EUR, CHEP, etc.)

  • Shipping labels, delivery notes and roadmap

  • Operation statistics

  • Integrable with any ERP

It is important to mention that SEGA LITE has the advantage that it can be implemented in the cloud (Cloud computing) without the client having to worry about the IT platform, since it is fully managed by Tecsidel.

For all these reasons, SEGA LITE by Tecsidel has become the optimal system for small warehouses or logistics operators who want to make a big technological step towards specialized systems for warehouse management.

Maintenance, the new challenge

Over the past years, toll and ITS solutions implemented brand new technological features for a new challenging toll collection and for increasing road safety; however, maintenance as a smart and sensible system solution has not been always taken into account. Maintenance management has become a key point for concessionaires, since toll & ITS operations involve time, logistics and costs. Tecsidel new challenge is Tecsidel Maintenance Management System Plus (TMMS+), in order to reduce time and costs, improving logistic without affecting the efficiency of each operation. TMMS + has been specifically designed for maintenance management of Tolling and ITS applications.

TMMS+ is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the management of concessionaires’ maintenance operations and assets, tangible as sites and equipment or intangible as software tools for tolling or ITS. Major assets are equipment, such as tolling staff, ITS staff or hardware-software applications.

The main purpose of this computerised system is to obtain the maximum effectiveness in terms of time and logistics at works performed by maintenance ground staff. TMMS+ can assist maintenance staff defining which devices (based on a sophisticated algorithm) need preventive or corrective maintenance;  once work order is created the application addresses to the closest warehouses containing the spare parts or t tool needed. Thanks to the Geo-Location module of the system, it is possible to know the exact location of all assets and visualize them on a referenced map, reducing time needed to detect and solve  incidences.

TMMS+ is one of the most complete solution in the marketplace and it is composed of five management categories: corrective, preventive, predictive maintenance, asset and supply management. Each asset or supply comes with previous information for its identification, for instance: technical documentation, plans, metrics, purchases, guarantees, suppliers, stock, associated work orders.  Information that can be extended as much as the concessionaire requires.

The leading TMMS + solution is composed of the following modules:

  • Data Master

  • Work Orders

  • Asset Management and Geo-location

  • Supply Management

  • Installation Monitoring

  • Report Management

  • User Management

Data Master main module establishes the structure to follow, that is why it requires a clear definition of the main tasks and elements, although TMMS + is 100% configurable by the user and more tasks and elements can be added afterwards, depending on the concessionaire’s needs.

One of the TMMS+ key issues is creation, tracking and completing of work orders. For each work order, there will be a clear definition of the asset targeted for intervention, the task to be performed, the assigned operators, the materials to be consumed, and the necessary machinery, tools and vehicles to be used with the possibility to set the time required for each task and units to be consumed.

"Work orders" functionality module allows creating, tracking and completing all orders (automatically or manually), as well as updating the current activity carried out and the current time consumption and resources. In addition, a report can be obtained with the repair activities carried out.

The reports created by TMMS + are designed to give valuable information to the user. Thanks to these reports, the concessionaire is able to follow key details such as the resources and time required to maintain a specific asset, assets with most maintenance, total time spent on maintenance. Key details are configurable. All  information is paramount for decision taking. All reports are exportable to Excel or PDF formats, this allows making easier the integration with market ERP.

Furthermore, TMMS + system includes a mobile application that allows operators or maintenance personnel deployed in the field (toll plazas, roads, tunnels, bridges) to receive assigned work orders and to complete them while the work is being carried out, by means of a mobile terminal that automatically communicates with the Control Centre.

The functionalities of this state-of-the-art solution are:

  • Corrective Management: Creation of work orders when detecting an asset failure.

  • Preventive Management: Daily, weekly, monthly and annual programs of work orders to be executed in the future in order to review an asset status.

  • Predictive Management: Generation of automatic alarms by setting some metrics or limits of any real-time record related to an asset.

  • Ticketing: Ticket management system with tracking and status control.

  • Asset Management with Geo-location: Assets can be located in their exact position on a geographic map, by means of a customizable iconography (asset is represented by an icon with summary information and a balloon with detailed information).

  • Management of spare parts and materials with location.

  • Tracking of Guarantees.

  • List of suppliers.

  • Purchasing history.

  • Users and Profiles Management.

  • General and detailed reports and Historical Reports of Activities, Dedication, Consumption, etc.

TMMS + can be organized in different application environments, according to the features and concession needs: ITS / Tolling, Electrical Equipment / Infrastructures, A Branch / B Branch, etc. The TMMS + application can be organized in different concessionaires, each one will have its own masters, assets, supplies, users and independent maintenance management.

TMMS+ offers the ability to monitor vital system components that can generate automatic alarms and events. These components may include:

  • ITS Systems Equipment: Traffic Lights, Variable Message Signs (VMS), Lane Controls Sign (LCS) Incident Automatic Detection (IAD), Ventilation, traffic counters (ATCC), Lighting, all electro mechanic tunnel systems, etc.

  • Toll Systems Equipment: Lasers, Barriers, Antennas, Treadles, Loops, OCR, Automatic Payment Machines, control cabinets, etc

  • Hardware-Software applications: Memory usage, CPU, disk space availability, server performance, database efficiency, etc.

Thanks to the integration with an external monitoring tool, the system allows monitoring and notifications for alarms and events, generated by devices via SNMP messaging. TMMS + provides an open web-based interface for receiving and managing Alarm / Event messages configured on the system. This external tool is a completely Open Source Network Monitoring System, with tracking capabilities of status, faults, performances and variable SLAs of the different computers connected to the network.

Tecsidel offers a comprehensive 24/7 support to the system that allows treating anomalies with the greatest possible agility, by having a technical staff of different profiles and levels available all the time and making a remote real-time monitoring of all the system applications supporting operations. TMMS+ is 100% customizable, allowing configuration of all parameters and evolving according to the concessionaire needs.

R+D+i: CREA-BIG DATA, ICT platform for new mobility models

CREA-BIGDATA is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually with funding partly granted by FEDER funds (Intelligent Growth Operative Program) and partly by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), under the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, in the context of Research and Development Projects (PID) that those center promotes (CDTI - EXP 00092054 / IDI-20160795).

The general goal of CREA-BIGDATA is the ICT platform development for the identification, analysis and explotation of new models of urban and interurban mobility for citizens within the scope of re-using public sector information. This system provides, from collection emulators and real-world operational information processed, services to be consumed potentially under Open Data, the new paradigm in data management.

The achieved goals allow solving the mobility criticalities, by implementing models characterized by:

  • being more agile and aligned to reality, which is solved by implementing simulators for generation, collection and processing operational information from various sources of real-world data.

  • being rapidly adaptable to changes with shorter but dense time series of data, which involves the construction of a Big Data technology platform that is powered by simulators of the previous specific objective.

  • having interactive, comprehensive and intelligible visualizations, which is materialized with the elaboration of final services that offer graphical visualization and navigation of the information contained in the Big Data platform.

  • being useful for prognosis and for feeding other systems, which is solved by developing additional services for decision making and planning, data analytics and prediction, as well as the structuring of data to be re-used under Open Data.

CREA-BIGDATA takes into account the main entry data of the mobility models to be processed from access control and payment systems in tolls and car parks, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sensors, lathes in Public transport (rail, subway, bus) and terminal transitions between cells of wireless cellular telephony networks, whose generation in the scope of the project has been carried out through simulators.

With CREA-BIGDATA final functionalities are obtained for the treatment of mobility models to be applied in urban and interurban diagnosis, prognosis, decision-making and planning. These are focused on real systems and networks refinement, considered as Data Source and undoubtedly connected to citizens mobility.