Backoffice developed by our Software and Test Factory

The Standard Toll System is a generic and adaptable product to different concessionaires which avoids custom development costs.
Within this system, from the Software and Test Factory of Tecsidel, has developed the BackOffice product, a web application for managing data related to a concessionaire Toll. The functionality includes the management of Toll transactions, turns counting settlements, issuance of lots of foreign issuers billing, customer accounts, reports, etc.

From our Software Factory product development and software design and programming, implementation support (including end customer deployments) and remote support is made. Its function provides a degree of maturity in the development of global software company that enables exponentially increase efficiency for higher quality results, with shorter development time and lower cost.

Since our Test Factory ensures that the quality of the software to be installed meets the specifications of requirements and needs adequate performance.

To meet the requirements of quality and productivity targets is vital application of the methodology emanating system with CMMI maturity level 2 and 3 in which capacity is certified Software Factory Test and Tecsidel.

Technologies and tools used for the development of this product have been: ASP.Net 3.5; IIS 7; Java, Javascript, Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008; Visual Studio 2008; Enterprise Library 4.1; Plastic SCM; Redmine.