Tecsidel signs a SEGA WMS project with GTA in Guatemala

Tecsidel and GTA (Grupo de Tiendas Asociadas) sign a project for the implementation and commissioning of SEGA WMS in its distribution center for dry products located in Guatemala.

GTA is the owner of Super del Barrio, Mi Super Fresh, Multi Mayoreo and Suma stores, all of which are spread throughout Guatemalan territory. It is the first time that they opted for Tecsidel´s SEGA WMS to manage one of its distribution centers, which in particular has a total of 7,500 m2 of surface area.

This high-performance solution supports the most efficient operating models in manufacturing, distribution and service environments by natively integrating all the maintenance and data capture technologies present in the market.

Furthermore, this leading-edge system reduces operational costs, efficiently managing human resources, handling equipment and installations. With Tecsidel SEGA WMS, productivity will be increased while errors reduced and the operation in the distribution centre can be controlled in detail.


Tecsidel signs an AGV vehicle project with Industrias Teixidó

Industrias Teixidó, current client of Tecsidel, is a manufacturer in series of high precision machined pieces. The company is located in Riudecols (Tarragona) and has an area of ​​33,000 square meters. This time, the company has signed a project with Tecsidel to implement SEGA WCS for the management and control of its automated warehouses. On this occasion, the system will be supported by two bidirectional AGV vehicles and the SCADA solution.

The AGV vehicles will transport cars between different zones of the factory, avoiding gaps, using elevators and going through private streets that connect the 3 industrial units and that are equipped with barriers and traffic lights for the traffic control.

These state-of-the-art AGVs will be integrated with all the control elements of the installation, apart from the SEGA WCS software to control and the SCADA solution to monitor.
SCADA allows the visualization of the synoptics of an installation, with representation of the status of each subsystem and device. In this way, the management of the AGVs will be user-friendly from the SEGA WCS graphical interface, and the information will be registered to obtain KPIs and statistics.

Tecsidel plans to complete the project in the last quarter of 2018.


Valero implements Tecsidel SEGA LITE in its warehouses

‘Valero Forn Tradicional’ implements Tecsidel SEGA LITE for the management of the two warehouses located in Terrassa and Sabadell (Spain). The project began in February 2018 and the implementation will be completed in the following weeks.

SEGA LITE is the optimal warehouse management system for those that have a moderate number of operators. It stands out for being an easier solution to implement and more flexible to operate. SEGA LITE achieves full traceability and can also be implemented in the cloud (Cloud computing) without the client having to worry about the IT platform, as it is fully managed by Tecsidel.

With this state-of-the-art system they will manage the product identification in the production lines (3 in Terrassa and 1 in Sabadell), the product location in the different cold chambers where the temperature reaches -25º, and the preparation of orders to end customers and stores like the stock transfer between warehouses.

At the same time, the reception and storage of the raw material coming from the supplier will be managed as well as the control of its consumption. The system will use Radio Frequency terminals. On this occasion Tecsidel will offer devices for ambient temperature and special terminals to deal with the low temperatures of the cold chambers.

‘Valero Forn Tradicional’ was founded in 1957, with the opening of a small bakery in Sabadell. Today, the company has stores in many municipalities of Vallès Occidental, Barcelona and Esparraguera, its last opening.

Tecsidel will implement its SEGA PTL at ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ distribution centre

Tecsidel and G&G distributor ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ signed an agreement to implement SEGA PTL solution in its distribution centre located in Santiago de Chile. SEGA PTL (Pick To Light / Put To Light) is the most productive operations system guided by illuminated displays that Tecsidel offers for units and parcels classification.

This big company, G&G, was founded in Chile in 1928, and nowadays it is positioned as a leader in this field relying on 1.200 employees approximately. Guante has 40 stores while Gacel has 43.

The main goals for G&G were clear:

-Optimize the reverse logistics process and the classification of seasonal balances and returns for liquidation sales.

-Facilitate the format changing process of master boxes for its products.

In this modality, the SEGA PTL sorting station has a display in each location, which is illuminated to indicate the position in which the product that has been identified must be deposited. Always according to the treatment defined in each process that is performed on the station.

This state-of-the-art solution is very intuitive, and after a few minutes of learning, operators are able to achieve levels of productivity and accuracy unattainable by traditional methods such as paper or radiofrequency. It has options for capturing in real time the opening and closing of containers at destination, process incidents and times, product traceability and operations, and a complete reporting and KPIs module.

Tecsidel will conclude the deployment and implementation during the second quarter of 2017.

Omnisport signs Tecsidel SEGA WMS implementation in its warehouses

Omnisport, founded in El Salvador in 1954 and with more than 35 stores distributing the leading electronic brands, has recently signed an agreement with Tecsidel to implement its SEGA WMS in the warehouses located in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

SEGA WMS is the warehouse management system, manufactured 100% by Tecsidel, that has been successfully implemented in many warehouses in Latin America. This project will enable Omnisport to enrich its logistics operation by obtaining a reduction in its operating costs. This goal will be achieved optimizing the use of both human and physical resources in the operations execution. SEGA WMS implementation will contribute to an obvious increase in the quality of service offered by Omnisport to the end customer.

It is worth to mention that this big company has three specialized service centres: one for electronics, one for its own line and one for furniture, as well as the Sony Xplod Installation Center, which offers a comprehensive and professional attention.

The project agreed with Tecsidel consists of two phases: an implementation in El Salvador to be carried out in 2017, and another in Nicaragua that will start in 2018. The activity areas of SEGA WMS in the warehouses will be:


• Storage areas for complete pallets

• Picking and Order Preparation areas

• Shipping area

All this will allow a reliable and complete stock control in real time, and a drastic decrease of the margin of error, since it is a very user-friendly and intuitive interface for the operators.

In conclusion, the expected result is a notable growth in efficiency and efficiency in carrying out logistic operations at Omnisport's warehouses.

Tecsidel starts the Yard Management for Kimberly-Clark

The project, which is being implemented at the Kimberly-Clark Distribution Center in Santiago de Chile, incorporates technology for the control of access and stay of vehicles and people, and for the management and control of loading and unloading processes.

The management system that performs these functions is SEGA LTM, which incorporates numerous field elements to the processes, having the goal to facilitate and improve fluidity in the access to the enclosure, and obtain detailed information for reporting and traceability. These field elements are:

O Barriers to access

O Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition (OCR)

O Tourniquets for people access

O Communication with truck drivers through beepers

O Mobile terminals for the gate or control points

O Messaging panels on loading and unloading docks (inside the CD)

SEGA LTM ??is a tool for effective planning as it manages and controls time, capacity and productivity, as well as presenting online information to encourage KPIs achievement.

The process visualization is about the enclosure map, through which the activity is monitored intuitively and effectively, and alarms are triggered when something is not in the expected values range.

The set of tools provided by SEGA LTM allows staff to focus on the management of exceptions, while much of the flow is done automatically.

Tecsidel and Kimberly-Clark have planned to complete the implementation of the Yard Management in the upcoming months of 2017.

Sistema de gestión de camiones y portería

Alicorpfabricante líder en productos de consumo masivo de alimentación, ha registrado en los últimos años  un importante incremento es sus ventas y planean, para el año 2021, triplicar el valor de la compañía.

En los últimos años, Alicorp S.A ha elevado su nivel de producción y liderazgo en el mercado local e internacional, así como sus estándares de calidad.

Con el foco en la mejora permanente, imprescindible para mantener la posición de liderazgo competitivo que ocupa, Alicorp, dentro de su proceso continuo de optimización de procesos, tomó la decisión de implementar el sistema SEGA LTM de Tecsidel que le permite la optimización del flujo de camiones en el predio de la Av. Argentina (Lima / Perú), mejorando de esta manera el control de la portería de ingreso/egreso al predio que, a través de la planificación de llegadas en base a la disponibilidad de los recursos (muelles, parkings, etc.), ha conseguido aumentar la productividad y resguardo del predio, a la vez que ha minimizado el tiempo de permanencia de los camiones en el predio.

Tecsidel ha suministrado a Alicorp S.A no solo el software de gestión sino también todos los elementos de campo tales como semáforos, barreras, cámaras OCR para reconocimiento automático de matrículas, displays para indicaciones a transportistas en zonas de parking, tarjetas electrónicas de acceso para peatones y transportes con las que realizar aperturas de barreras o confirmaciones de llegadas en destinos.

La solución SEGA LTM aporta principalmente las siguientes riquezas funcionales:

  • Sistemas de gestión de citas web,

  • Gestión de autorizaciones mediante uso de tarjetas de RFID,

  • Monitoreo de ocupación en aéreas de carga descarga y puntos de entrada y salida,

  • Soporte multi-predio,

  • Potente módulo de auditoría de procesos,

  • Control del estacionamiento en parking exterior,

  • Entrada de Vehículo

  • Inspección de Vehículo en la entrada

  • Control del estacionamiento en parking interior,

  • Pesaje en Balanza

  • Confirmación de inicio de misión

  • Confirmación de fin de misión

  • Salida de Vehículo

  • Inspección de Vehículo en la salida

  • Entrada peatonal

  • Inspección de individuo en Entrada

  • Información de Turno en el parking exterior

  • Información de Turno en el parking interior

  • Monitor sinóptico del predio

  • Herramienta para creación de reportes e informes estadísticos.

A través de la implementación de la solución SEGA LTM, totalmente integrada con el sistema de Gestión corporativo SAP y con el sistema de gestión de almacenes SEGA WMS, se ha logrado conseguir los siguientes objetivos:

  • Avanzar en el proceso de automatización de ingreso y egreso al predio,

  • Permite planificar la carga de trabajo en el predio y en los diferentes puntos de carga y descarga como así también en los puntos de entrada indicando los momentos de saturación para poder planificar otras ventanas horarias.

  • Reducir los tiempos de ingreso y permanencia en el predio de los transportistas,

  • Balanceo de carga de vehículos en predio,

  • Evitar el ingreso de vehículos sin misión asignada,

  • Reducir los tiempos de espera,

  • Aumentar los niveles de seguridad,

  • Aportar información estadística de gran fiabilidad para tomar decisiones.

De esta forma, Alicorp ha conseguido aumentar su Calidad de Servicio reduciendo los Costes Operativos, dos aspectos fundamentales para cualquier empresa que quiera garantizar su continuidad en un mercado tan competitivo como el actual.         

RANSA installs SEGA WMS in its warehouses in central America

RANSA, Logistics Operator leader in Peru, with significant presence and leadership in the Andean Region and Central America, has contracted Tecsidel a major update of Warehouse Management Systems of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

RANSA currently operates their distribution centers in Central America with the SEGA Warehouse Management System of Tecsidel, with more than 250 direct users.

With the implementation of SEGA WMS in its most modern version, RANSA have an updated logistics management platform that incorporates the latest technologies for the optimization of logistics operations in the whole management supply-chain area.

CENCOSUD implements SEGA WMS in its distribution centers in Argentina

Cencosud, a Chilean business consortium leader in retail sector in several countries in South America, renewed confidence in Tecsidel and hires migration of their distribution centers Management System of JUMBO supermarket’s chain in Argentina to the newest version of SEGA WMS.

Since 1999, Tecsidel solutions have managed the distribution centers of Cencosud in Argentina and Chile, with a total of 5 centers and more than 500 direct users.

From January 2015 they are migrating to the latest version of SEGA WMS incorporating the latest technologies in Warehouse Management Systems with integrated global automation and management of the supply chain.