Once again Senegal

Once again Tecsidel will develop the project of the installation,  implementation and the maintenance of the new plazas in the expansion of the existing motorway to connect Dakar- Diamniadio, known as l’ Autoroute de l’ Avenir. The motorway expansion project is run by Eiffage’s Senegalese concession company Société Eiffage de la Nouvelle Autoroute Concedée (Senac) who, through Clemessy,  has once more placed its trust in Tecsidel.

The Dakar toll road was inaugurated by Senac in August 2013, becoming the first greenfield tollroad public–private partnership in West Africa with 4 toll plazas installed by Tecsidel.

The main objective of this project is to connect the existing motorway to Dakar’s new international airport and to the seaside tourism areas on the coast, while optimizing the road link between Dakar and Thiès.

Crossing Bolivia

Tecsidel and Vias Bolivia (State-owned company responsible of the administration and operation of all the toll stations around the country) is installed currently five toll plazas with the Tecsidel Toll Plus solution TT+. These 5 plazas are located in Cochabamba y Santa Cruz regions. This is the first time which is introduced the RFID technology  for toll payment (both prepaid and postpaid) at this country. In both regions will be installed operational control centers which allows centralization of  the toll plazas management and their respective areas.

The agreement with Vías Bolivia has been reached by tecsidel & C&M “Soluciones integrales Bolivia”, a partnership that will deploy the 'Tecsidel' solution i.e implementing latest technologies in toll collection systems with high quality components that will permit swift and economical future upgrades. With this latest endeavour, Tecsidel continues its expansion into Latin America, adding this project to those already deployed in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and México.

Time for Sweden

Tecsidel has been awarded with 'Free Flow Project' in Sundsvall, Sweden. This project consists in the supply, installation and development of two Free-flow gantries in a toll station that will be integrated on the new bridge of E4 highway. The client, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) has entrusted this project to Tecsidel thanks to its recognition in Free Flow installations. This TurnKey solution fullfills all client requirements and it will be delivered promptly.

Tecsidel expands to Central Asia

The Branch of Innovative Road Solutions in the Republic of Tajikistan has awarded to Tecsidel a contract for the design and supply of a new toll management system, located in Dushanbe – Chanak road which runs through a challenging mountain environment. The new Turnkey Toll+ system will integrate Weight-in-Motion solutions with manual and electronic toll collection systems.
Tecsidel's state-of-the-art solution, wide experience in similar projects and a world proven capacity to provide 24/7 support and maintenance service were decisive in the awarding of this contract.

Tecsidel strength in India

West Bengal (NH34 Farakka – Raiganj) will be equipped with the Tecsidel Toll+ solution. A total of 28 lanes in 2 toll stations will allow payment by cash, Smart Card and ETC, including laser classification technology and weight in motion checkpoints. This whole solution together with the current running ITS and Toll projects in this same country will significatly strength Tecsidel´s presence on the subcontinent.



Automatic Toll Payment Machines, Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc

Tecsidel has been awarded for the supply of ATPM to the Autoroutes et Tunnel du Mont Blanc.

Two-level machines (for heavy and light vehicles) operating 24/7 accept multiple means of payment such as coins, banknotes, credit card and bar codes, and give change (either in notes or coins). It has been built with the concept of an integral security solution, assuring the highest level of toll operation. Our commitment is durability, low maintenance and operational cost and high reliable.





Innovative toll techology in Brazil

Tecsidel installed the first Free Flow solution in Brazil in 2012, since then tecsidel has had many successes such as: The Multi-Lane Free Flow Solution in SP-332. The Highway Concession Rota Das Bandeiras is being implemented with four Gantries equipped with the Toll+ Free Flow solution.This will be up and running in the next couple of months whithin the frame of the Ponto a Ponto project.

The new gantries will be equipped with Automatic Vehicle Classification based on laser technology and OCR solution, assuring the highest performance in vehicle category detection.




Toll system in Peru, COVIPERU

Replacement, supply, installation and commissioning of a toll system for the Concesionaria Vial del Perú (COVIPERU). It consists of 21 lanes across 3 toll plazas. It allowed payment with cash, prepayment voucher and pre and post payment passive tags. The system includes the armed logics between toll plazas, differentiated rates and payment through tags by tags-license plate number mapping. It includes the SW at a lane, plaza, and Back Office level.


Toll system 3 levels in Bata which will be operated by the Guinean Government. The project includes 10-way, of which 6 enable manual and automatic payment with chip cards and coins. Also included, 4-way automatic equipped with receiving coin machines of two levels for heavy and light vehicles. Via SW, application of monitoring and control (MCS) and the Backoffice is included.