CloudsMan: Multi-Cloud Management System for FAB of IaaS based on Dockers

CloudsMan is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually with funding granted by the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, within the framework of the Strategic Action of Economy and Digital Society - Technological Impulse, within the Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 (TSI-100104-2017-3).

The objective of CloudsMan is the development of a system oriented to manage provisioning, assurance and billing of IT Infrastructures  as a  Service (IaaS) on Docker containers basis,  running in Multi-Cloud environment.

CloudsMan arises from current increasing presence  of several Cloud providers bringing to the cloud the externalized implementation of applications and virtualized information systems on Docker containers basis.

The challenge to solve is the management of the IT services supported by these applications and systems in terms of:

  • Provisioning: basic functionality of deployment and stop of services

  • Assurance: monitoring the availability and performance of services

  • Billing to clients of services according to the resources provided by the suppliers

This management must be expressed to the receipt / consumer of such services in their terms, and should handle those other terms that the management of each Cloud eventually offers, in order to achieve a better level of integration and automation of elementary actions that currently are carried  out in an isolated and manual way, obtaining results of greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of IT infrastructure in the cloud.

The management also includes the IT infrastructural elements that the end user / client may eventually have at their sites (ON PREMISE) as well as specific aspects of containerized virtualization.

With CloudsMan, Tecsidel will not only add into its Smart ITC Monitoring and OSS portfolio a new solution for the management of services based on multi-cloud IT infrastructures, but will also allow the deployment on these infrastructures  of their solutions for  Tolls Systems, ITS and Logistic Systems, as well of  solutions addressed to other sectors in which Tecsidel provides application development and integration services.