R+D+i: CRIPTO10G – DWDM transmission system

The project "Development of a DWDM transmission system with encryption hardware data to analysis the QoS for streams digital data up to 10Gbps per channel (CRIPTO10G) and level 2 (AES)" funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 (TSI-020601-2012-13) is an experimental, multi-year development project (2012-2014) made in cooperation with the companies W-onesys and Tecsidel, with the participation of the Group of optical communications of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the technology center of telecommunications of Catalonia.

The main objective of the CRIPTO10G project is the design and implementation of a system based on high performance a platform that would ensure confidentiality with costs assumed in transport of data optical fiber for transmission up to 10 Gbps per channel using digital encryption, hardware and software analyzing additionally the quality of service (QoS). The measurement of the variation of optical parameters involved in this transmission (optical power received, the error bit, etc.) allow to detect and analyze possible interceptions of a particular channel at some point in the fiber-optic link. This process, combined with encryption of data oriented the product resulting from the project to security applications; apply both in optical transport with high-bandwidth - metropolitan or backbone networks and points of demarcation in access networks.

It should be noted that a solution that in the networks field of access combine the benefits of high-bandwidth (10Gbps) demarcation point with data encryption without overhead in terms of bandwidth (unlike the IPSEC), satisfies the need for confidentiality and quality coming up the new paradigms of the telecommunications networks such as "cloud" applications or any application based on the outsourcing of data centers or backup CPDs. This need is determined by the vulnerability of networks based on fiber optic, the strategic nature of the databases that are managed on the Internet (CRMs, industrial designs, sensitive information, etc.) and the large bandwidths that because multimedia applications of new generation in the short term will be required.

The realization of hardware platform CRIPTO10G departs from the hardware modules developed in previous projects of I+DRATON (TSI-020100-2010-135) , CANIS (TSI-020100-2011-17)in the framework of which developed modules of transmission for DWDM applications based on programmable logic parts (FPGA)of high performance and some IPcores (software for FPGAs) which, among others, made it possible to measure the QoS of a specific according to ITU-G.7710 and ITU Y.1731 standards channel, and the implementation of a microOTDR. In CRIPTO10G hardware modules are updated so that they can be programmed, simultaneously the FPGAs, the IPcores for measurement of quality of service and the microOTDR, with the new IPcores dedicated to data encryption based on Advanced Encryption Standard, according to the Rijndael and Diffie-Hellman algorithms


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