R+D+i: IOT4FSM (Internet Of Things For Field Service Management)

A way of making Europe.

IOT4FSM is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually, with funding provided by the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda,  in the framework of the Strategic Action on Digital Economy and Society, within the Plan for Scientific Research Technical and Innovation 2013-2016 (TSI-100110-2016-1).

The aim of IOT4FSM is the development of a system oriented to manage and track in real-time the different resources and materials used in the arena ,  by emergency services field technicians (fire, police, medical emergencies), with the use of embedded tags in heterogonous places, on a Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless telecommunications basis.  This tracking will be possible both from mobile devices used by field technicians and  from a central server.

Currently the management of this type of scenarios is done by via audio traditional communications (TeTRA networks), as well as with GPS fleet management systems. The proposed solution aims to extend these capabilities to areas of location of technicians and materials, providing visibility of inventory of available resources and their current status, in environments both outdoor and indoor.

In order to carry out the project, Tecsidel starts from its proven knowledge and experience in the solutions it provides to its customers, such as its cars identification and tracking systems (from Toll and ITS line)  and its ware  location and status control systems (from Logistics Industry and Distribution line)

Also in terms of the functional context Tecsidel takes into consideration its previous experience in the area of Field Service Management performed from its IT Solutions projects for telecommunications operators and security companies.

With IOT4FSM Tecsidel reaches to build a system of interest to its three business lines, based on its capacity to develop software applications for mobile devices and IoT, which has as a central element a sensorization characterized by

-be based and hybrid t Near Field Communications - Bluetooth Low Energy and  developed ad-hoc tag,

-apply the usage of this type of tag, not only to detect the presence of the actor or object to which are attached and identify them, but also to point out the position, extending, in addition, such use during actions in the field in which they are involved.