R+D+i: ITMCS+ and TMMS+, Tecsidel solutions for Tunnels Management

Tecsidel offers ITMCS +, the ITS web-based solution for tunnels, that allows to manage traffic in complex environments. This solution integrates the vast majority of infrastructure instruments (Variable Messaging Panels, SOS Posts, CCTV, DAI, PA system), with great ease for the parameterization of these and new instruments thanks to the direct communication with the PLCs. It is a system designed for intense traffics and very complex environments, with internal messaging that enables a quick and coordinated action in any incident. In addition, it allows anticipating the events in a totally remote way, taking into account the security and the risks prevention.

Tecsidel TMMS + is not only an asset manager, since it incorporates a wide range of possibilities both preventive and complex management of an infrastructure: assets, equipment, tools, suppliers, services, internal and external work teams, etc. All due to a workflow, fully configurable.

Both solutions, ITMCS+ and TMMS+, incorporate the most advanced geolocation tools and graphic effects through active plans, being able to trace at all times the action scope, the equipment and assets with which the installation counts on and the emission of reports after all the actions. These integrate perfectly with almost immediate deadlines, and even in multi-concessional mode for tunnels on toll roads.

These products have received support from the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), Regulation 821/2014, through the Industrial Technological Development Center (CDTI), IDI-20141144, under the "Intelligent Growth Operational Program 2014-2020"

The main objective of of ITMCS+ and TMMS+ development is to have presence in the market of tunnel ITS, a market where Tecsidel had no presence. With this project, the company not only increases its product line with a new solution, but also opens the door to the execution of projects in civil engineering environments. Providing an added value from the beginning of the work.

As a first result, it is necessary to mention that Tecsidel has obtained reference projects in markets with high growth potential, such as Argentina, Peru and Brazil. The common denominator consists of a high traffic density, high growth of the car park, and complex environments because of population density. In conclusion, emerging markets in ITS solutions.

For more information of FEDER 2014-2020 (Pluri-Regional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth) click here: https://goo.gl/XtDxnc