New Tecsidel Free Flow system in Norway

Once again, Tecsidel has won a tender with quality, reliability and price in the northern country. NPRA has ordered 11 new charging points with 26 Free-Flow lanes, located all over Norway. Equipped with the latest technology, these systems are not only a benefit for the companies in regard of maintenance and operating costs, but also for the environment.There is no need for the vehicles to stop and go on-site.

The 4 toll projects will be installed on highways in the north, east and south Norwegian regions: E18 Knapstad – Retvet, E18 Riksgrensen-Orje (Ostfold), E18 Bommestad (Vesfold), E6 Helgeland sor (Nordland) and Fv. 17 Godoystraumen (Nordland).

The Free Flow tolling system is an automatic toll collection system for roads, highways and city access which does not affect the normal traffic flow of vehicles when cross the charging point. This is also a major benefit for the environment. Tecsidel has already successfully implemented these systems in various countries and cities, e.g. Sweden and Norway. Now, we offer one single gantry, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and lasers, as requested by our customers, to reduce costs and maintenance.