Omnisport signs Tecsidel SEGA WMS implementation in its warehouses

Omnisport, founded in El Salvador in 1954 and with more than 35 stores distributing the leading electronic brands, has recently signed an agreement with Tecsidel to implement its SEGA WMS in the warehouses located in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

SEGA WMS is the warehouse management system, manufactured 100% by Tecsidel, that has been successfully implemented in many warehouses in Latin America. This project will enable Omnisport to enrich its logistics operation by obtaining a reduction in its operating costs. This goal will be achieved optimizing the use of both human and physical resources in the operations execution. SEGA WMS implementation will contribute to an obvious increase in the quality of service offered by Omnisport to the end customer.

It is worth to mention that this big company has three specialized service centres: one for electronics, one for its own line and one for furniture, as well as the Sony Xplod Installation Center, which offers a comprehensive and professional attention.

The project agreed with Tecsidel consists of two phases: an implementation in El Salvador to be carried out in 2017, and another in Nicaragua that will start in 2018. The activity areas of SEGA WMS in the warehouses will be:


• Storage areas for complete pallets

• Picking and Order Preparation areas

• Shipping area

All this will allow a reliable and complete stock control in real time, and a drastic decrease of the margin of error, since it is a very user-friendly and intuitive interface for the operators.

In conclusion, the expected result is a notable growth in efficiency and efficiency in carrying out logistic operations at Omnisport's warehouses.