R+D+i: PLESANDA: A Scalable Platform for Data Analytics

PLESANDA is experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually with funding provided by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, in the framework of the Strategic Action on Digital Economy and Society, within the Plan for Scientific Research Technical and Innovation 2013-2016 (TSI-100105-2014-186)

The aim of PLESANDA is the development of a Scalable Platform for Data Analysis to solve the challenge that means the exploitation of data generated automatically with volume and high speed. In this environment it is not possible to address data processing with the capability of a single machine, so it is necessary to deploy a set of them also specific to withstand storage and data analysis software distributed and scalable way.

PLESANDA includes the construction of its own platform and its test-bed,  regarding the Big Data paradigm - on ‘batch’ mode of processing 'batch' for analysis of large volume data without strict requirements in terms of speed, and  'real time' mode  with Complex Event Processing computing and fast correlation of data  from various sources based -  running over a Coud Computing architecture in order to provide fast delivery of virtualized IT resources (storage, processor, network, applications, etc.) and accessible remotely through network .

It also includes  the development of two applications, in two areas:

• Monitoring IP traffic statistics from NetFlow provides network equipment,

• Statistical analysis of automobile traffic on toll roads equipped with FreeFlow gantries.

For both cases Tecsidel applies  its proven knowledge on Telecommunication Networks Management Systems and Toll Systems. In the test-bed infrastructure and real systems will be used to validate the expected operation of the platform, so the two developed application could be considered as pre-release versions of data analyzers relevant for customers of mentioned areas.


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