SEGA PTV, the voice system that makes the orders preparation more powerful

SEGA PTV (Voice Picking) is Tecsidel solution for the execution of material moving operations that uses voice communication with the operator for guidance. In the context of warehouses and distribution centers, the cost of operational errors is very high, and badly prepared orders can result in sales decrease, generate administrative work, and reduce trust in stocks. They occur because of various reasons, most notably traditional paper orders preparation generates plenty of errors, due to misreading of quantities, misplacements because there is no validation, late administrative update of incidents, etc.

SEGA PTV, the state-of-the-art system of voice-guided operations, communicates verbal instructions to the operator, allowing him/her to manipulate the products with the maximum productivity and efficiency, and the operator confirms its realization through his/her own voice. Furthermore, the solution leaves the operator's eyes and hands free and therefore increases safety in each execution, and that avoids distractions or interruptions while the person moves or manipulates the products.

The possible applications of SEGA PTV are:

  • Voice picking of cases, batches or pieces. The 90% of companies are interested in this. It can be mono-order, multi-order or clustered, and allows giving support to the orders preparation for e-commerce.

  • Cross docking with deliveries (Put To Store)

  • Orders Classification

  • Carousel Line Loading

  • Trucks Loading

  • Goods receiving

  • Pallet movements

  • Stocking and replenishment

  • Audit and Quality control

One example of environment where this system is suitable are warehouses of fresh and frozen food, because the operators work with gloves and it is difficult to operate devices.

Tecsidel's partner, Lydia Voice Solution, is a market-leading German voice solutions manufacturer. The company has more than 15 years of experience, and with the robust equipment its solutions enhances a 20% of productivity in a wide variety of operating environments and reduces the error rate until a 55%.

Its hardware also works on the main mobile devices and supports portable printing. The technology of this equipment allows the automatic adaptation to the user’s voice and pronunciation, and integrated telephony. In addition, Lydia Voice Solution launched the comfortable ergonomic VoiceWear vest that allows getting rid of the headphones cables (

The main benefits of this comprehensive SEGA PTV are obvious:

  • Increased productivity compared to working with paper and RF terminals

  • Optimum operations efficiency and quality

  • Enhanced safety for the operator

  • Combination of different communication and data acquisition technologies

  • Easy to learn

  • It enables operations monitoring and traceability of managed products

  • Full integration with the company ERP and WMS



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