The container storage management is booming

Container storages are a very important part of the logistics chain. In the last 10 years, maritime transport by containers has enormously grown and we have experienced the birth of the "hub" concept that identifies ports where large ships dock with their merchandise, providing significant economic benefits for merchants and for the country.

At the same time, there is a rising concern about the storage of containers once the merchandise is unloaded since in most situations, imports predominate over exports, thus resulting in a large number of empty containers. Both importers and exporters aim to save time, space and money, which is why it is extremely important to have good management of such containers, both full and empty.

Well aware of this problem, Tecsidel has teamed up with Solport to launch the SEGA DPO and SP DEPOT tool for container depots and terminals. This modular solution, perfectly integrated, allows the management of all the processes of the maritime container deposits through fixed PC stations and portable Android terminals.

SP DEPOT manages stocks (including spares) and budget and billing workflows. The solution is integrated with the shipping lines through EDI messaging and has a web page that streamlines the costumers’ procedures.

The execution of physical operations is the main task of SEGA DPO. The system specializes in the management of operational processes of container yards. This operational execution is carried out without paper or radio communications. The operators perform the field tasks in real time from mobile terminals in their reach stackers. This automation in capturing information allows the considerable reduction of the margin of error and assures that the information is 100% reliable.

The deposit  is organized into different storage areas and internal work is structured in specific locations. The Tecsidel system optimizes the activities of the reach stackers and other internal cargo vehicles and updates the locations of the handled containers in real time. This way, the work carried out by each vehicle and operator is recorded, which renders complete traceability.

In conclusion, SEGA DPO and SP DEPOT provide the complete cycle of warehouse operations starting from the door operation solutions (Gate IN / OUT) and ending with the management process with clients and shipping lines (bookings, repair budgets, special services, billing, EDI messaging, etc.) These solutions are integrated with systems, access controls and the automatic registration of truck and container number plates, which offer us a certain level of automation that allows us to reduce time or bottlenecks at the entrance / exit or at some point of the process, through the execution of physical operations in the yard, inspections (cash and machine) of containers using mobile terminals, and the planning and execution of operations in the yard.

One of the advantages of this technological alliance between Tecsidel and Solport is that the portfolio of solutions is so broad that it makes offering integrated modular systems for maritime agents, transients, logistics operators, container depots, transport companies and importers and exporters.

For instance; in large volume warehouses, the entry and exit of trucks can also be automated, the workload can be balanced and the flow of queues and car parks controlled. The SEGA DPO module by Tecsidel can integrate OCR technology for license plates and containers, use RFID tags to automatically identify people, vehicles and assets, or communicate with users through different mechanisms such as variable messaging panels. In this way, it allows to streamline operations and ensure their correct execution.