Tecsidel will Implement the first Multi-Lane Free Flow Toll system in Argentina

For the first time in the country, the Multi-lane Free Flow electronic toll will reach Buenos Aires through the ‘Paseo del Bajo’ project, with the collaboration of the state company Autopistas Urbanas S.A. (AUSA). The implementation and commissioning of this toll system was awarded to Tecsidel.

This electronic toll system, commonly called Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF), manages the collection automatically without the vehicle having to stop at the plaza. Today, it is the smartest solution for urban environments where toll collection is aimed at reducing congestion.

For this important MLFF project, the ‘Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires y Nación’, with the support of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), was involved in the important construction of Paseo del Bajo that connect the highways of Buenos Aires-La Plata and Illia along 7Km of highway.

Tecsidel's Free Flow toll system is capable of automatically detecting, identifying and classifying vehicles with the corresponding collection fee without affecting the highway flow or access to the city. With this state-of-the-art solution, the benefits are evident. It reduces infrastructure costs (civil works and constructions) and ensures a reliable operation without fraud, increases traffic mobility by greatly reducing congestion and pollution, and improves road safety and user comfort.

For this project, the company will install several trunk gantries along the highway and trench, and at the Sarmiento and Salguero access points. Each one of them will be equipped with the following elements:

- Antennas for the OBU reading

- Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC)

- Recognition of front and back plates (ALPR)

- Cameras for video-audit

For more information: http://revistavial.com/llega-el-primer-peaje-de-multi-lane-free-flow-a-argentina/