R+D+i: CREA-BIG DATA, ICT platform for new mobility models

CREA-BIGDATA is an experimental development project that Tecsidel carries out individually with funding partly granted by FEDER funds (Intelligent Growth Operative Program) and partly by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), under the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, in the context of Research and Development Projects (PID) that those center promotes (CDTI - EXP 00092054 / IDI-20160795).

The general goal of CREA-BIGDATA is the ICT platform development for the identification, analysis and explotation of new models of urban and interurban mobility for citizens within the scope of re-using public sector information. This system provides, from collection emulators and real-world operational information processed, services to be consumed potentially under Open Data, the new paradigm in data management.

The achieved goals allow solving the mobility criticalities, by implementing models characterized by:

  • being more agile and aligned to reality, which is solved by implementing simulators for generation, collection and processing operational information from various sources of real-world data.

  • being rapidly adaptable to changes with shorter but dense time series of data, which involves the construction of a Big Data technology platform that is powered by simulators of the previous specific objective.

  • having interactive, comprehensive and intelligible visualizations, which is materialized with the elaboration of final services that offer graphical visualization and navigation of the information contained in the Big Data platform.

  • being useful for prognosis and for feeding other systems, which is solved by developing additional services for decision making and planning, data analytics and prediction, as well as the structuring of data to be re-used under Open Data.

CREA-BIGDATA takes into account the main entry data of the mobility models to be processed from access control and payment systems in tolls and car parks, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) sensors, lathes in Public transport (rail, subway, bus) and terminal transitions between cells of wireless cellular telephony networks, whose generation in the scope of the project has been carried out through simulators.

With CREA-BIGDATA final functionalities are obtained for the treatment of mobility models to be applied in urban and interurban diagnosis, prognosis, decision-making and planning. These are focused on real systems and networks refinement, considered as Data Source and undoubtedly connected to citizens mobility.