SEGA LITE, the smart solution for small warehouses

Tecsidel offers SEGA LITE to manage those warehouses with a moderate number of operators, it is the easiest smart solution to implement and the most flexible to operate. It is optimal for small warehouses in which a person can do different types of operations.

SEGA LITE coordinates the productive operations of the warehouse (reception, storage, picking, replenishment, adjustments and inventory) and allows to identify and locate the product in real time. This state-of-the-art system controls the FIFO or FEFO rotation, the blockages by quality and the expiration, obtaining complete traceability: delivery note of the supplier, batch, serial number, etc.

The results of this efficient solution are evident:

  • Reduction of stock levels

  • Optimization of the occupied space

  • Improvement of operator productivity

  • Improvement of customer service

  • Security guarantee: expiration dates, quality blockages, etc.

  • It drastically reduces the level of error

  • Traceability of the goods throughout the warehouse process

In addition, it offers access to historical reports to help in future decision-making and monitor different day-to-day processes of a warehouse to get information such as who prepared a specific order or who stored a specific container, etc.

SEGA LITE by Tecsidel is multi-warehouse and multi-operator, the advisable number of operators is between 1 and 12 people, and it is necessary that the items are identified with bar codes. Normally, Radio Frequency technology is integrated to execute the operations through portable devices with a screen and bar code reader. These devices are connected via WiFi for an on-line update of the information.

These are the main technical characteristics of SEGA LITE:

  • Configurable system that can be parameterized by the user

  • Friendly interface with graphic terminals

  • Unguided system: the operator determines the order and sequence of operations

  • Very flexible operating flow, adapts to characteristics of multiple sectors

  • Concept of "suggestion" in the determination of location: without fixed rules and without restrictions

  • Absolute control of stock and traceability

  • Management of consumption dates, expirations, date of manufacture, batch, and serial number, variable weight

  • Management of formats (units, packs, boxes, etc.)

  • Palletization management (layers, pallet heights)

  • Management of container types (EUR, CHEP, etc.)

  • Shipping labels, delivery notes and roadmap

  • Operation statistics

  • Integrable with any ERP

It is important to mention that SEGA LITE has the advantage that it can be implemented in the cloud (Cloud computing) without the client having to worry about the IT platform, since it is fully managed by Tecsidel.

For all these reasons, SEGA LITE by Tecsidel has become the optimal system for small warehouses or logistics operators who want to make a big technological step towards specialized systems for warehouse management.