Tecsidel immersed in the Emuca project

Tecsidel is advancing by leaps and bounds in the Emuca project in Valencia. Emuca, a company founded in Valencia that offers solutions for the sectors of furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY, signed a SEGA WMS project that contains different solutions for its intralogistics processes:


Next-generation Android RF terminals will be supplied including touch screens scanners and cameras.


It will allow the picking by voice using the most cutting-edge hardware technology of the German market thanks to Tecsidel’s partner, Topsystem.


Tecsidel will design order picking trucks with 20 bucket positions, equipped with an on-board computer, with double-sided pick-to-light and with scales in each position to avoid errors in the number of prepared units. It will also provide an order picking station with 40 bucket positions and bucket weight control.

On this occasion, the order picking machines will be equipped with on-board pallet scales to avoid quantity errors when picking boxes. Furthermore, SEGA WMS will have a mobile system for volumetric data collection and integrated weight.