Tecsidel signs a SEGA WMS project with GTA in Guatemala

Tecsidel and GTA (Grupo de Tiendas Asociadas) sign a project for the implementation and commissioning of SEGA WMS in its distribution center for dry products located in Guatemala.

GTA is the owner of Super del Barrio, Mi Super Fresh, Multi Mayoreo and Suma stores, all of which are spread throughout Guatemalan territory. It is the first time that they opted for Tecsidel´s SEGA WMS to manage one of its distribution centers, which in particular has a total of 7,500 m2 of surface area.

This high-performance solution supports the most efficient operating models in manufacturing, distribution and service environments by natively integrating all the maintenance and data capture technologies present in the market.

Furthermore, this leading-edge system reduces operational costs, efficiently managing human resources, handling equipment and installations. With Tecsidel SEGA WMS, productivity will be increased while errors reduced and the operation in the distribution centre can be controlled in detail.