Tecsidel is awarded the ITS project for the Rosario-Santa Fe highway (Argentina)

Tecsidel signs a project with ATSA (www.atsa.net.ar) for the provision, installation and implementation of the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) for the Rosario-Santa Fe highway in Argentina. Since 2017, said highway has been managed by the concessionaire Vial Santa Fe (https://vialsantafe.com.ar), whose intention is the promotion of the economic and social development of the region through the efficient management of the resources provided by the highway.

Tecsidel ITS+ is the highway management system, which includes a state-of-the-art monitoring and control solution, that allows the user and concessionaire to know the traffic status in the entire network of traffic routes and to be informed in real time, through the integration of different equipment installed on the road or tunnel. The main objective of this solution is to guarantee the viability of vehicular traffic and the safety for users.

For the realization of the project, the following equipment will be installed:

  • 13 variable messaging panels (VMS)

  • 28 vehicles counter and classifier radars (ATCC)

  • 6 weather stations

  • 2 speed information radars

  • 14 points of 360º video surveillance cameras

  • 9 points of 180º video surveillance cameras

  • 20 closed circuit video cameras (CCTV)

  • 6 plate recognition cameras (OCR)

  • Operations control center with video wall

  • Fiber network and metal structures

ATSA, with outstanding participation in the field of ITS solutions and road safety, will carry out the project management and technical supervision of these latest generation subsystems.

ITS+ by Tecsidel provides supervision and control through a friendly and intuitive interface that is installed in the operating room of the control center and allows remote access from any Smartphone or Tablet.


SEGA WCS, the jump to the automated warehouse

When the company grows in terms of turnover and number of employees, the concern arises as to whether the manual management of the warehouse is sufficiently effective in the current market. It is then when we think about making the great technological leap, the jump to the automatic warehouse. Sometimes, it is advisable to start incorporating automatic elements in our manual warehouse to optimize the management of intralogistics operations gradually. This evolution involves such an important investment that it is convenient to be clear about the benefits it will bring to our business.

The main advantages of the ICT application to warehouse management are the saving of time and personnel expenses, reliability, accuracy, reduction of errors and accidents, and the improvement of productivity. Especially through the mechanization of labor-intensive tasks. In this sense, with a greater degree of warehouse automation, it is easier to locate and track products, as well as inventory control.

SEGA WCS is the Tecsidel system for the management and control of automatic warehouses. It allows to coordinate the subsystems that make up an automatic installation using its own native protocols: miniloads, automatic pallet stores, carousels, sorters, AGVs, etc. This solution is responsible for managing the sequence of movements and deals with optimizations, thus avoiding the realization of complex modifications at the ERP / WMS level.

More advantages:

  • It allows management from a common dashboard with the rest of conventional operations.

  • Workload balancing between conventional and automated operations.

  • Flows of alternative or contingency materials.

  • Functionality integrated in SEGA WMS or as an independent module integrated in other systems.

  • It reduces manpower costs.

Furthermore, this system provides high design flexibility so that the customer can build and monitor a customized solution, freely choosing the best elements of each supplier and optimizing productivity and costs.

To obtain an optimal performance of information and communication technologies, a comprehensive perfect integration is essential. SEGA WCS by Tecsidel has a modular design that allows a fast and efficient integration with the existing technologies of the system. It is important that companies adopt the technologies that conform to the specific strategic directions pursued by the company, because of this Tecsidel offers an exhaustive stage of consulting to its clients.

For this analysis, Tecsidel uses its SEGA SIM solution, the system that allows the simulation of operations on automated elements with real data. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to verify if the dimensioning is correct or which adjustments need to be done.Furthermore, Tecsidel has a wide experience in this type of projects where the client needs a logistics partner to jump to the automation with the minimum possible investment.