Tecsidel is awarded the toll system renovation on the Tamar Bridge (UK)

In February 2018, Tecsidel and "Tamar Bridge & Torpoint Ferry" sign the renovation of the current toll system on the Tamar Bridge and the ferry that connects Torpoint with Plymouth (United Kingdom). This bridge is located over the river Tamar between Saltash, Cornwall and Plymouth, in the southwest of England. It is 335 meters long, running adjacent to the Royal Albert Bridge, and part of the A38, a main road between the two counties.

The scope of this project is 1 plaza with 8 lanes and the collection by Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) on the ferry between Torpoint and Plymouth. This means a modernisation following an earlier install performed by Tecsidel. The toll system implemented in the plaza will be mixed, combining the manual toll -whose accepted payment methods are cash, bank card and Mifare, with electronic toll collection by OBUs.

For the ferry, Tecsidel will provide an electronic portable collection system, PDA, equipped with barcode and smart cards reader. This handheld device uses DSRC (Dedicated Short-Ranged Communications) technology to identify the vehicle TAG and has full autonomy and data storage capacity. Furthermore, it is fitted with a belt mounted Bluetooth receipt printer. Automatic data exchange with the central system is done by using Wi Fi network or ethernet charging cradle.

Tecsidel plans to complete the project in March 2019.