Tamoios contracts a 3-toll plaza installation

On 18 April 2015, in order to improve and modernize the route to the North Coast of São Paulo, the Tamoios concessionaire took on the operation and maintenance of the Tamoios Highway, linking São José dos Campos to Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião.

The roads under concession are: Plateau, Serra and access Roads, for a total of 119.05 km. In the future the concession will also include the region close to the cities of Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião.

Toll plazas will be located on the Plateau stretch and Caraguatatuba province.

The Tamoios Concessionaire belongs to the Brazilian Queiroz Galvão Group. With 60 years of experience in various business, the group provides high quality of work, goods and services. Moreover, it is committed to the development of Brazil national infrastructure, specifically in the area of road works.