Tecsidel and Arteris sign a renovation project on 5 highways in Brazil

In September 2016, Tecsidel was awarded the Arteris renovation project, which will start soon on 5 highways in Brazil. Arteris manages and operates 9 highway concessions in Brazil, totalling 3,250 kilometres in the States of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Paraná. Arteris is consolidated as the largest highway operator in the country.


The project that Tecsidel has signed consists of the supply, deployment, configuration and customization of software and hardware in level 1 (lane) and 2 (plaza). In addition, it includes the services of staff training and maintenance of the toll collection system.


This large-scale project will be carried out on the following highways:

- Litoral Sul - connecting Joinville with Santa Catarina (405.97 Km): 5 plazas and 128 lanes

- Planalto sul - connecting Rio Negro with Paraná (412,700 Km): 5 plazas and 62 lanes

- Régis Bittencourt - connecting Registro with São Paulo (401,600 Km): 6 plazas and 126 lanes

- Fernão Dias - connecting Pouso Alegre with Minas Gerais (562,100 Km): 9 plazas and 161 lanes

- Fluminense - connecting Rio Bonito with Rio de Janeiro (320,100 Km): 5 plazas and 81 lanes


The toll system is open and the collection fare is based on the number of axles of the vehicle. Because of this, Tecsidel will implement RFId and DSRC technologies to read TAGs and get the vehicle information to automatically calculate the correct fare. 


The 558 lanes covered by the Arteris project are divided into:

- 364 Manual lanes: this is a Stop & Go toll system whose accepted payment methods are cash, coupons, toll vouchers, checks and TAGs.

- 129 Automatic lanes: vehicles use the electronic payment through TAG (antenna) with no need to stop in the plaza.

- 8 Mixed lanes: these combine the manual and automatic systems described above.

- 57 Auxiliary lanes: these lanes are twice the width of a conventional lane and are used for vehicles with special dimensions.


The Arteris project is planned to be completed in May 2018.

It is important to mention that thanks to this project, Tecsidel reaches 48% share of the Brazilian market, making it the absolute leader with more than 1,500 lanes throughout the country.