Tecsidel completes the first phase of the ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’ project in Peru

By order of Autopista del Norte, who is the concessionaire of the road network 4: ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’, Tecsidel completed the first phase of the implementation of its new toll system in the plazas located at km 402 and 525 of the ‘Panamericana Norte’, in Peru.

These plazas have a total of 11 lanes, 2 reversible and 4 prepared for electronic toll collection (ETC). From now on they will have Tecsidel toll system installed in the lane (level 1), integrated with the current systems of the plaza (level 2) and back office (level 3), thus forming a modular system compatible with any other level 2 system.

Furthermore, Tecsidel implemented RFID technology in the 4 electronic toll lanes, which hugely improves traffic flow.

Autopista del Norte is the company responsible for the construction, maintenance and conservation of the road network 4: ‘Pativilca-Trujillo’. This highway is 356 km long and strategically connects the departments of Lima, Ancash and Trujillo. For this year, the implementation of this new system in its toll plazas located in ‘Fortaleza’ and ‘Huarmey’ is already planned, both containing 6 manual lanes.