Tecsidel is awarded a toll system project on 146 lanes of the Viapaulista highway in Brazil

Tecsidel is awarded a project to implement its toll system on 146 lanes of the ViaPaulista highway in Brazil, which belongs to the Arteris group (http://www.viapaulista.com.br). The project consists of the supply, implementation and commissioning of the conventional toll system at the state highway located in São Paulo state.

The 2-level toll system (lane and plaza) will be implemented in a total of 146 lanes and 11 plazas, 6 new and 5 existing. There will be manual, automatic, mixed, auxiliary and exclusive motorcycle lanes, combining the conventional collection system that functions through an operator with the electronic toll (ETC). On this occasion, Tecsidel will use antennas with RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) to communicate with the OBU installed in the vehicle.

Since 2017, ViaPaulista is the concessionaire that manages the “Rodovias dos Calçados” roads with a total of 434.7 kilometers in length. Thanks to the improvements that said concessionaire has made in the last year in the cities of Jaú, Avaré, Botucatu and Itaporanga (border with Paraná), an important and diverse flow of agricultural and industrial production is obtained in 19 Brazilian municipalities.

With this new project, Tecsidel will reach a total of 704 Arteris roads implemented with its Toll+ system.