Tecsidel MEP Solution is implemented in Perú

Tecsidel MEP (Medio Electrónico de Pago), which will be deployed in Peru adding a new important reference for this solution, is an electronic payment manager system for the commercialization of TAGs, tags inventory, customer billing, contracts and transactions management and other services to concessionaires. In this project in Peru, Tecsidel has implemented a 100% website platform which handles, in this first phase, over 2 million customers for a single toll concession Rutas de Lima, with the possibility to integrate, in future, a multi-concession.

Tecsidel MEP consists of a series of functional & indispensable modules managing: Configuration (system parameters relating to user and operator access), Services (fees and discounts), Contracts (account registration and maintenance), Transactions (financial management of the concessionaire companies and their invoices), TAGs inventory (follow-up of the TAG life cycle), List (up-to-date lists of approved TAGs).

The TAG is the first means of payment managed throught the MEP. The systems are designed to operate under two options, postpaid and prepaid with manual or automatic refills. The user can choose in which want to register.

The Systems can be accessed through two public portals: once for users with the tags sales processing, customer services, a customized area to consult consumption and transit; and another for the concessionaries in which you will be able to manage transit by contract and global finances.

Finally with the information management module can be managed all the entities of the system, including the ones from MEP.