Tecsidel signs a Toll System project for the ‘Corredor Sur’, Argentina

Tecsidel signs a Toll System project with AUSUR SA, which is the consortium of the concessionaires Mota Engil, Rovella Carranza and JCR. The project consists of the design, development and implementation of the Toll System for the Argentinian highways of the ‘Corredor Sur’: Teniente General Pablo Riccheri, Cañuelas, Ruta 3 and Ruta 205.

This is a public works license under the PPP modality (https://ppp.vialidad.gob.ar/), which carries out pioneer projects in Argentina that aim to modernize the highways network to guarantee the users’ safety. That is why they have considered Tecsidel’s experience in complex technological scenarios.

On this occasion, 4 trunk plazas will be installed under the name of Riccheri, Cañuelas, Tristán Suarez and Uribelarrea, and 5 auxiliary plazas in Riccheri. As for the lanes, there will be 3 types of systems: manual, automated channeled and mixed. Furthermore, the project includes a solution for electronic toll customers management.

It is important to mention that the Riccheri plaza will have a total of 40 lanes, since the Teniente General Pablo Riccheri highway usually has a high traffic because it links La Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires with the Ezeiza airport and the Buenos Aires province.

For this large-scale project, road works have been carried out in the first quarter of 2019 to improve the capacity and safety of ‘Corridor Vial’ users.