Tecsidel signs SPV Toll project for Pedemontana Veneta road

Tecsidel Toll Systems & ITS has recently signed the SPV Toll project with SIS SCpA, involving the installation of a closed, interconnected and multimodal toll system in ‘Superstrada a Pedaggio Pedemontana Veneta’.

This project consists of 124 toll lanes, a control system for 20 plazas and a complete Backoffice. SIS SCpA has chosen Tecsidel as the toll systems integrator for this complex project thanks to its 37 years of worldwide experience in Toll & ITS systems integration.

The SPV is a closed toll system with 47 entry lanes and 77 exit lanes, and 20 plazas. Once a vehicle enters the toll road, the entry is recorded and payment is calculated and collected at the point of departure, according to the total distance travelled.

The SPV is interconnected with A4 Milano - Venezia, A31 Valdastico and A27 Venezia - Belluno. This means a vehicle can enter an SPV toll and leave through an interconnected highway, even if this zone belongs to another concessionaire; and vice versa.

The Tecsidel system will allow SPV concessionaire to offer different types of payment to users, such as  Automatic Toll Payment Machines (ATPM) that accept various payment options: cash, credit card, Bancomat, FastPay, VIACARD, Telepass and MobiSis, ISO card subscribers, Calypso and Mifare Smart card, etc., electronic tolling (integrated in Telepass network) and manual tolling.

In Italy, toll collection systemshave significantly evolved in recent decades, in both their technological and functional aspect. Tecsidel has a wide experience in electronic payments and Backoffice solutions; another reason why SIS SCpA has decided to rely on Tecsidel, a foreign toll systems integrator.

Once again, Tecsidel has proven itself as a key international player in multimodal toll systems.

It is good to remember that the first highway was built in Italy, in 1924, between Milan and Varese. Now it takes part of A8 and A9 highways.

The project signing took place in Italy, at the beginning of April 2016.