Tecsidel starts its pilot STREET FLOW in Mollerussa (Spain)

STREET FLOW is an experimental project of smart mobility that Tecsidel has performed with funding granted by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), which belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain. It consists of a system installed on a single gantry that analyses the composition of vehicles that pass through, in order to classify and measure the vehicles, one by one.

The Mollerussa Town Hall and Tecsidel signed an agreement in the framework of the Government of Catalonia’s strategy Smart Catalonia, to start the pilot STREET FLOW in this city of Lleida, in the Smart Lab Zone.

Unlike other Free-Flow/ORT solutions, based on two or three gantries, which Tecsidel had previously deployed in Portugal, Norway and Sweden, STREET FLOW includes DSRC transponders reader antennas, laser scanners for automatic vehicle classification, enforcement and automatic license plate recognition cameras, all on a single gantry. It incorporates, apart from a new scanning technique, new algorithms applied in the processing of the data obtained by its devices.

The purpose of the pilot is to confirm that STREET FLOW performs the functions with the same time and reliability than with the multi-gantries configurations. Said functions are vehicle classification (motorcycle, large, medium and small car, truck, van, and so on) and reading the plate and transponder - if one is present  - of each vehicle that circulates through the two lanes covered by the gantry.

STREET FLOW is arguably one of the most innovative solutions in the mobility field based on motor vehicles because it contributes significantly to the efficiency of the public road. It is an ideal system for traffic measurement in urban environments, given that vehicles do not have to stop, and that allows avoiding queues, saving time to road users and reducing pollution levels.

This project undoubtedly sets an important turning point in the future of mobility management in our country. Tecsidel plans to carry out, on 5th of September 2017, the pilot presentation to leading organizations and companies in the industry.

More information about STREET FLOW project here: http://www.tecsidel.es/en/press-room/press-releases/press-releases-ti/1456-street-flow-the-future-of-smart-cities