Tecsidel starts the Yard Management for Kimberly-Clark

The project, which is being implemented at the Kimberly-Clark Distribution Center in Santiago de Chile, incorporates technology for the control of access and stay of vehicles and people, and for the management and control of loading and unloading processes.

The management system that performs these functions is SEGA LTM, which incorporates numerous field elements to the processes, having the goal to facilitate and improve fluidity in the access to the enclosure, and obtain detailed information for reporting and traceability. These field elements are:

O Barriers to access

O Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition (OCR)

O Tourniquets for people access

O Communication with truck drivers through beepers

O Mobile terminals for the gate or control points

O Messaging panels on loading and unloading docks (inside the CD)

SEGA LTM ??is a tool for effective planning as it manages and controls time, capacity and productivity, as well as presenting online information to encourage KPIs achievement.

The process visualization is about the enclosure map, through which the activity is monitored intuitively and effectively, and alarms are triggered when something is not in the expected values range.

The set of tools provided by SEGA LTM allows staff to focus on the management of exceptions, while much of the flow is done automatically.

Tecsidel and Kimberly-Clark have planned to complete the implementation of the Yard Management in the upcoming months of 2017.