Tecsidel will implement its SEGA PTL at ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ distribution centre

Tecsidel and G&G distributor ‘Calzados Guante y Gacel’ signed an agreement to implement SEGA PTL solution in its distribution centre located in Santiago de Chile. SEGA PTL (Pick To Light / Put To Light) is the most productive operations system guided by illuminated displays that Tecsidel offers for units and parcels classification.

This big company, G&G, was founded in Chile in 1928, and nowadays it is positioned as a leader in this field relying on 1.200 employees approximately. Guante has 40 stores while Gacel has 43.

The main goals for G&G were clear:

-Optimize the reverse logistics process and the classification of seasonal balances and returns for liquidation sales.

-Facilitate the format changing process of master boxes for its products.

In this modality, the SEGA PTL sorting station has a display in each location, which is illuminated to indicate the position in which the product that has been identified must be deposited. Always according to the treatment defined in each process that is performed on the station.

This state-of-the-art solution is very intuitive, and after a few minutes of learning, operators are able to achieve levels of productivity and accuracy unattainable by traditional methods such as paper or radiofrequency. It has options for capturing in real time the opening and closing of containers at destination, process incidents and times, product traceability and operations, and a complete reporting and KPIs module.

Tecsidel will conclude the deployment and implementation during the second quarter of 2017.