Tecsidel will renew the toll system of 2 Spanish highways

Last April, Tecsidel was awarded two projects for the toll system renewal of two Spanish highways. One contract was signed with the concessionaire Accesos de Madrid CESA for the R3 and R5 radial highways (104 lanes and 8 plazas), the second refers to the Alicante Beltway (41 lanes and 4 plazas) and was signed with the concessionaire Ciralsa SACE.

In both cases, Tecsidel will supply, install and commission its toll collection system, Tecsidel Toll+, which operates at 4 levels: lane, plaza, central system and web for road users. The latter allows users to check transactions and invoicing online. All levels are connected through a communications network. The control system, which is easy to learn, can support multiple concessionaires.

The solution for Accesos de Madrid also includes the management of automatic payment machines – ATPM. Tecsidel's terminals are flexible and ergonomic, and support various tolling functions: fare collection (with cash, bank cards, contactless cards or barcoded tickets accepted), ticket issuance and access point. The new terminals include a voice synthesizer, LED indicators and buttons to optimize user interaction and speed up operations.

Tecsidel plans to finalize both projects in March 2018.